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Open Thread

It’s bizarro night.  Lucas gets a vacation (see everybody Monday). Bush is concerned about greenhouse gases.  Clinton and Carter join Bush Sr. and hundreds of others to honor Billy Graham.  Apparently it’s Russia who needs to drop the Cold War mentality.  One of 13 rare white rhinos died today at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park, and so did the first panda born in captivity to be released in the wild.  Conversely, we have a new species of limbless lizard in India and it turns out that upright walking may have begun in trees.  So on that note, we’re going to space.  Moonbabies – War on Sound

“But I tried to tell you last night
The planet’s grown
Turned to stone
See you on the safe side?”

p.s., if you’re trying to place it, the guy sounds like Peter Gabriel.  Even more so on other songs.