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Open Thread

Just to keep things exciting, it’s local brew night at your friendly neighborhood Open Thread.  The Calitics Event Calendar has been stocked with all sorts of delicious June activities, including the roll out of multiple San Diego candidates for office.  CA-50 candidate Michael Wray will rock the Rancho North County Dem Club next week, and then be part of a candidate’s forum on the 21st with fellow candidates John Lee Evans and Nick Leibham.

Candidate for AD 78 Marty Block kicks off his campaign on the 18th.  $100 a pop unless you can sweet talk Francine Busby :).

San Diego’s 3rd city council district will be open next year.  Dem clubs will be gathering on the 28th for an endorsement forum.  The district already has a crackpot conservative running who’s running against “special interest gays and lesbians” in the district known for its large gay and lesbian population.  Why not right?

Anyways. We’ll ice the “All San Diego All the Time” open thread with some local tunes.  Because it’s an election special, and because I’m going to the Air Conditioned Lounge tonight and Wesley once had a regular DJ gig there (maybe still does?), San Diego superstars: Bloody Hollies – Satanic Satellite

“You better start running… running… running… RUNNING”

UPDATE: Yup, he’s still there.