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Today, I’m Running For Congress

(Welcome Marta Jorgenson to Calitics. – promoted by David Dayen)

Hi, my name is Marta Jorgensen and I’m running…

Today, I am championing my candidacy for Congress to all of you here at Calitics, because it is time the citizens of California’s 24th Congressional District had someone to fight for them, not for lobbyists and special interests.  My opponent, Elton Gallegly – R, has a long history of ignoring the views and concerns of the people in our district, and I’ve decided that enough is enough.  


The theme of our campaign is, “It is the money, stupid.” Lobbyists for powerful corporations come to Congress to block progress of better legislation for the critical issues of our time.  It’s their money.

If elected, one thing I’d like to do is reinstitution the Golden Fleece Award that the former senator from Wisconsin, William Proxmire initiated. Remember that?

We must stop paying Global Warming lip service. I am making it the number #1 Issue.

Our campaign is planning town hall meetings to discuss issues that never get covered in the MSM. We are also hoping to have the Climate Project give a presentation.

As a nurse I’ll work for a Universal Single Payer Health System. We need health insurance for everyone, a program with quality and cost controls and an emphasis on prevention. Full Medicare for everyone will save thousands of lives a year while maintaining patient choice of doctors and hospitals within a competitive private health care delivery system.

I’ll advocate for Agricultural Reforms, regarding food safety, genetic engineering, and excessive food transportation, as in long distance hauls versus local production; work to promote Healthy School Lunches,  “No nation is healthier than its children”… Harry Truman.  Good nutrition plays a critical role in healthy child development. Many kids are deprived of good nutrition at home due to poor economic conditions. As a nurse working with inner city handicapped and chronically ill kids in Los Angeles, I have seen this first hand. Unitary Executive and Signing Statements – This is a dangerous trend that could be carried on by the next President. We need to elect someone we can trust who will put this Pandora back in the box. Electoral Reform – same day registration; a voter verified paper record for electronic voting; run-off voting to insure winners receive a majority vote; binding “none-of-the-above” on the ballot. Voter Participation – It is the duty of every elected official and those running for office to rekindle the love of the democratic process and engage all people to participate in it. And that’s not easy these days.  Internet Neutrality -We must work to protect our freedom of the Netroots Nation. I don’t care who invented it just happy it’s here.

Here’s what I think…the Republicans for many years have slapped Democrats in the face with the phrase, “Tax and spend.”

We can now return the favor. It is our turn to chastise, to reprobate, the Republicans. The history of this country that the Republicans have handed us, the laws they have created in the name of fighting terrorism, and the war that we have had to endure brought to us under false pretenses, has earned them a new phrase. Listen up. Your history has earned you a new mantra. Here it is. “War and waste.” This also gets back to the Money Stupid theme.

To the demand for more money for war, we answer, “War and waste.”

To the demand for more laws that monitor our lives with government intrusion and the cost of money for more bureaucracies, and at the cost of individual freedom, we answer, “War and waste.”

To the president who demands an imperial presence that negates Congress and violates human dignity, we answer, “War and waste.”

To the demand for more lives of our sons and daughter to fight a war that people, even veterans, want to end, we answer, “War and waste.”

“War and waste” has been the behavior of the Republican Party. We now throw this phrase in their face. To those who think we are too strong in our declaration, I say, “Offend the offensive.”

Let us not think that we can meet aggression in our lives or against our land with a prayer and a cupcake. But how strong can we be if the treasury is empty?

How can we negotiate from strength if the funding for this war comes from banks and countries across the sea?  How can we guarantee unbiased negotiations for the best interests of our workers and our economy if we sit across the table from the representatives of a country to whom we owe a great financial debt?

Our campaign at present is grassroots. Until the big Endorsement manifests, we need help financially in small donations, like at our ActBlue Account. Want to help in other ways, just go to our website and sign up. The Big Blue Thermometer must hit the $15,000 mark real soon!

Imagine… one more of your own in the House of Representatives, crashing the gate.

Jorgensen For Congress,

Bringing Representation To The People, Not The Powerful…



CA Draft Gore Ballot Drive Is Getting Popular

SOURCE: California Draft Gore

Aug 27, 2007 16:57 ET
Volunteers Surge as California Draft Gore Ignites Ballot Initiative Effort

Upon announcing their intentions of putting Al Gore on the California ballot for the state’s primary election, California Draft Gore has seen a surge of Gore volunteers and positive support for the state-wide initiative which joins the national effort to place Gore on state ballots.

Since the organizers of California Draft Gore announced a grassroots state-wide campaign earlier this month they have added a slew of volunteers and contributions to their efforts. The state-wide organization is coordinating hundreds of Gore volunteers who will be participating in the signature gathering process.

“It’s been an overwhelming but exhilarating experience to see the enthusiasm for Al. People who normally don’t volunteer for stuff are eager to help,” said Chris Vallone, Northern California campaign coordinator. “In just the last week we have had at least 250 volunteers sign up, but many volunteers are still needed in every district, city, county and region. Everyone who supports Gore has a place in this campaign.”

The California Election Code requires that in order for a candidate’s name to be placed on the presidential primary ballot, a minimum of 500 signatures of registered Democrats must be obtained from each of the state’s 53 congressional districts. California Draft Gore has regional coordinators and sub-regional coordinators managing signature collection in each of the four regions of California. Each district within the four regions has a district leader recruiting and training as many volunteers as possible to begin collecting signatures on October 8.

“I view a donation to Al Gore’s candidacy as a gift to my grandchild!” said volunteer Bonnie Price of La Mesa, California.

San Francisco volunteer Chenoa Akey added, “What happened in 2000 was a travesty, the ramifications of which are being felt globally to this day.”

Signature collection begins on October 8 and must be completed by December 4, 2007. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last president elected due to a draft effort. For more information on the campaign or to contribute to California Draft Gore’s campaign, visit www.california4gore.org.

About California Draft Gore:
California Draft Gore PAC is a grassroots organization. The organization and its website is not affiliated with or authorized by Al Gore, any candidate or candidate’s committee.