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OK, so check this out.  Arnold signs the executive order slashing state employee salaries to $6.55 an hour, the federal minimum wage.

At the same time, he’s agreed to host a fundraiser in three weeks with Oregon Senator Gordon Smith (R).  Here’s the invite, courtesy his Democratic opponent Jeff Merkley:

The bottom of the invite says “Host and Photo Opportunities at $10,000 give/raise.”

The annual salary for a state worker under the federal, based on a 40-hour work week and a 50-week year, is $13,100.

So Arnold thinks the cost of getting a picture with him is roughly equivalent to the cost of working for an entire year running his state government.


California’s Canada: Oregon’s Bush Stamp

Up in Oregon, California’s Canada, Sen. Gordon Smith continues to be a Bush Rubber Stamp. Sure, he’s starting to come around on the Iraq debacle, but isn’t it amazing how that happens every 6 years? You know, Senators try to moderate their record or what not.  Well, few are buying Smith’s contrition up in Oregon.  The Democrats are excited about the possibility of a pickup in Oregon. Some of those Oregon Dems have put up StopGordonSmith.com. Some facts about Smith’s “moderate” voting record:

Anti-Choice Record. Smith has earned a 15 percent score from pro-choice advocates.

Voting 90 percent with President Bush. Yes, Smith agrees with nine out of 10 decisions this president makes! 

Anti-Environment Record. Smith has earned a 14 percent score from environmental advocates.

Veterans Record. Smith earned a failing, 40 percent score from Disabled American Veterans. (Stop Gordon Smith)

There are two candidates in the race on the Dem side right now. Jeff Merkley is the DSCC’s recruit and is the Speaker of Oregon’s lower house. Even given that, he seems to be quite popular amongst the OR netroots. Steve Novick was at yKos and is a very smart, intelligent, and articulate progressive. The rap on him seems to be that most insiders don’t think he’s all that electable. I don’t know about all that, but if he was elected, man, that would be awesome.