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The Orange County Open Topic (#1!)

First off, a pleasure to meet you folks at Calitics. Just a guy from North Orange County, pretty liberal and pretty friendly. I’ll be doing weekly or daily (depends on the OC coverage/importance) Open Topic threads on the OC.

Dems gaining (small) ground in Orange County, Repubs. losing it.

Just this week the OC Registrar of Voters updated its voter regs., with Democrats at 512,089 (Up from 511,811) with Republicans at 698,893 (Down from 699,678).

By percentages:

GOP: 42.7%

DEM: 32.0%

DTS: 20.3%

Oh, the “most Conservative county in America”, ain’t so conservative anymore.

Chuck DeVore touts his “Pro-Family” views:

Just when you think this guy is already radical..

Chuck DeVore receives a perfect pro-family score

March 18, 2009

Chuck DeVore was one of 18 lawmakers who received a perfect pro-family score from the Capitol Resource Family Impact for voting in 2007-08.  Capitol Resource Family Impact runs California’s only pro-family state lawmaker ranking.

Thank god i’m not being represented by this loon (I’m in the 72nd AD), but this guy still makes us OC residents look like narrow-minded, bible-thumping, wing-nuts. Hell, i’ll take the HP chick over this guy..

Arianna Huffington coming to Anaheim!

The dazzling woman who founded the awesome Huffington Post will be at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim on August 6th, hurry and get tickets soon! Details can be found on the Orange County Democratic Party’s website.

Have Dinner with Judy Chu

Tomorrow at the Villa Roma Restaurant in Laguna Hills, you can sit down and have dinner with CD-32 candidate Judy Chu (At the cost of $45.00). Details can be found on the Orange County Democratic Party’s website.  

Democratic Values

A man asked me at the region 6 meeting on Saturday what I thought Democratic values are. I didn’t give him a very good answer, but I keep thinking about the question and would like to attempt a better one–because it is something I’ve thought about, because it’s the reason I’m working with the party.

It’s pretty obvious who the Republicans represent: the rich and the religious right. The rest of us are irrelevant to them. In fact, I think they’d be pretty happy if we just all fell off the edge of the flat Earth some of them still believe in.

That leaves the rest of us two options: the Democratic Party or a third party. Since our system is structured to make it difficult for a third party, that leaves us with the current two. Since I’m clearly not part of the GOP demographic, the Democrats seemed like my best option. But I can’t say the party was exactly representing the values I wanted it to. So here’s what I think Democratic Party values should be:

Equality: Of opportunity, in education, to healthcare, to be heard, to justice.

Fairness: In the application of the law, in access to services, in the level of reward for work and creativity.

Liberty: Civil liberties, the rule of law, the sorts of legal protections the Constitution and the Bill of Rights give us.

Democracy: The rule of the people, responsiveness of elected officials to their constituents; regulation of corporations and other special-interest groups that tend to damage our health, liberty, and environment.

There are probably others. But these are some of the big ones I’d like to see the Democratic Party stand for. I apologize to the questioner in Oakland, and hope someday I can tell him this.

More than that, I hope someday the party I work for will stand for all of this and more.