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Coachella Valley vs U.S. Nationally: Republican FundRace 2008 Q3 Results

The figures for FundRace 2008 Q3 (Third Quarter Ending September 30, 2007) have been released from the Federal Elections Commission.  According to 2decide.com, the Republican Candidates for President raised the following amounts during Campaign 2008 Q3:

Romney:  $18.4 million
Thompson:  $12.8 million
Guiliani:  $11.6 million
McCain:  $5.7 million
Paul:  $5.3 million
Huckabee:  $1.0 million
Brownback:  $0.9 million
Tancredo:  $0.8 million
Hunter:  $0.5 million

The leading Candidates in the FundRace 2008 Q3 Nationwide are Romney, Thompson, and Giuliani.  The two leading fundraisers are therefore both archconservatives on the National level.  However, Romney’s fundraising is artificially inflated (just like his poll numbers) due to his loan to himself in the amount of $8.5 million.  Nevertheless, two of the top three fundraisers are still archconservative by any standard.  Huckabee, Brownback, Tancredo, and Hunter raised very little funds in comparison to the others.

In the Coachella Valley (i.e., Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Coachella, and Indio), the Republican Candidates for President raised the following amounts during Campaign 2008 Q3 see BlueBeaumontBoyz’ Coachella Valley: Republican FundRace 2008 Q3

McCain:  $17, 213
Giuliani:  $17, 125
Romney:  $10, 685
Thompson:  $1,725
Paul:  $1,100
Brownback:  $1,000
Huckabee:  $0
Hunter:  $0
Tancredo:  $0

The leading Candidates in FundRace 2008 Q3 in the Coachella Valley are McCain, Giuliani, and RomneyThompson, Paul, Brownback, Huckabee, Hunter, and Tancredo raised nothing or next to it during Q3.

Although McCain leads the pack in the Coachella Valley during Q3, he lagged significantly behind the leaders Nationwide.  On the other hand, although Thompson was in the top two fundraisers Nationwide during Q3, he lagged behind significantly in the Coachella Valley.

Of note, the leading fundraisers in the Coachella Valley are seen as more moderate than those on the National level.  Therefore, the leading fundraisers on the National level are probably out-of-step with the Coachella Valley, being more conservative than this area.  This may cause a problem for Republicans locally should one of the more conservative Republicans win the nomination.