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Dear, Progressives: We Need Your Vote Tonight!

The DFA Presidential Pulse Poll ends tonight at Midnight Eastern/9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, which only gives us a few hours to cast our votes. So far, over 130,000 votes have been cast, making it the largest presidential poll of progressive activists this year. I am genuinely proud to write that Dennis Kucinich currently leads with over 30% of the vote.

However, as positive as a Kucinich victory is, simply finishing first is less important than our sending a clear message to America that, as Progressives, we have made a committment to pushing progressive values into the mainstream and elevating the voices that best represent those values. We must push Dennis Kucinich higher, we must cast our votes, for we know that he is the candidate that best represents these values. He proves it to us through his platform, at each debate, in every speech, and vote after vote in Congress.

Who is the only Democratic presidential candidate who campaigned against and voted against the war authorization resolution in 2002 and every supplemental appropriation since? Who is the only Democratic presidential candidate to vote against the unconstitutional and illegal U.S.A Patriot Act?

Who is the only candidate to come to terms with the Occupation of Iraq and speak out about the unjust privatization of Iraq’s national oil wealth?

Who is the only candidate to provide leadership and consistently speak out against agressive military action in Iran? Who is the only candidate willing to stand up to this Administration and its abuses by pursuing Impeachment?

Who is the only only Presidential candidate willing to challenge the private insurance and pharmaceuitcal companies with a truly universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system to cover all Americans?

Who is the only candidate willing to address the causes of our massive trade deficit, millions of outsourced jobs, worker and human rights abuses, and environmental abuses? What other candidate is willing to look at these problems and take the action that needs to be done: withdrawing the U.S. from NAFTA/WTO?

Who is the only candidate to offer true equal rights to all Americans, supporting full marriage equality?

Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate willing to take a clear stand for progressive values and he is pushing this whole party through his leadership. It is Dennis Kucinich that opened the dialogue on the U.S. presence in Iraq that other candidates have moved to. It is Dennis Kucinich that introduced the power of the purse and Congress’ ability to end the war now, which we have heard other candidates begin to consider. It is Dennis Kucinich that first talked about diarmament and cutting the Pentagon budget, putting the money into domestic needs like education and infrastructure. Now other candidates are talking about the same things.

Dennis Kucinich is the candidate that is making our voices heard. Now it is up to us to make that voice stronger and more resonant. Please support the progressive candidate and cast your vote for Dennis Kucinich in the DFA poll here

Thank you.