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December 15th Kucinich Money Bomb!!!

Tommorow is the day! We need to show our support for the only candidate supporting our Democracy: Dennis Kucinich.  

From the Kucinich Campaign:

On December 15th, 1791, our founders made history when this fledgling nation adopted the Bill of Rights – that sacred, powerful, and visionary statement that establishes our freedoms and guarantees our protections. Now, we have a chance to make history again and turn this Saturday, December 15th, into another turning point for this nation.  (Click here for a special message) Our grassroots supporters – the heart, soul, and lifeblood of this campaign – have launched an inspiring effort to raise millions of dollars on one day, December 15th, to show the nation and the world that we can’t be bullied, we won’t be bossed, and our voices will be heard throughout this campaign!.    A special message and a powerful video (click here) from video blogger and Kucinich supporter Davis Fleetwood:

With the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary fast approaching, December 15th is shaping up as a turning point for the Kucinich campaign. William Scott Hunter, a Kucinich supporter, started the ball rolling for a December 15th Dennis Kucinich “money bomb” with the potential to electrify the entire Presidential campaign. “Our goal is ambitious,” says Hunter, the organizer of www.December152007.com, “but it has to be in order to have the impact Kucinich deserves. In America, candidates are considered ‘electable’ or ‘unelectable’ based on their bank accounts. It’s pretty hard to argue that a guy who can raise $10,000,000 in one day is unelectable.”

And let us not forget what Kucinich’s leadership has been:

The only Democratic Candidate to oppose the War and the subsequent Occupation

The only Democratic Candidate to show the judgement and Constitutional integrity to vote against the Patriot Act

One of only six House members to vote against the Homegrow Terrorism Act

The only Democratic Candidate who is taking the threats to our Democracy seriously and actually holding this Administration accountable through Impeachment

The only Presidential Candidate offering a truly universal, not-for-profit health care system

The only Democratic Candidate who will cancel U.S. involvement in job killing, deficit building, human expoliting, environmental raping trade agreements, NAFTA/WTO

Really it goes on. We have seen this leadership. Kucinich has been the heart and soul of this party; the only Democrat willing to stand up for the party’s principles, rather than play party politics; the only one willing to put the Constitution and all Americans ahead of politics.

We need to support Dennis because he is speaking for us. And we need to support him now before it is too late. Please follow this link and make your $100 contribution tommorow, December 15th! Support Dennis Kucinich!