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Hillary Clinton’s California Campaign

While our friends at California Majority Report are denying Hillary’s campaign is dead, tomorrow’s Washington Post mentions the shifting dynamics ahead of the February 5th Democratic Primary:

One Obama fundraiser used the word “tsunami” to describe the flow of money coming from donors seeking to find a place inside a campaign that has substantial new momentum. In addition to filling banquet halls for events in Boston and New York tomorrow, the campaign added an event in Los Angeles for Jan. 16.

“Of course, everybody’s calling and checking in,” said Suzy Tompkins Buell, one of Clinton’s top California fundraisers. “I’m just saying to them, ‘You’ve got to understand, the process has just begun. Those voters [in Iowa and New Hampshire] represent a very small percentage of this country. You’ve got to take all that into consideration.’ “

My absentee didn’t hit today (probably tomorrow). What do you think will be the headline in my local paper tomorrow?

UPDATE: Talked with Mark Buell tonight and next to Hillary, he seemed like the happiest guy on earth who is not named ‘Bill’ and married to a candidate. What a fabulous race and a great time to be a political junkie. The last paragraph here pretty much sums up my stance and goes far beyond T-Mac. Yet despite me rooting against Hillary, I have a hard time feeling anything but optimistic about the growing progressive movement.

One final thought after re-watching the speeches. Damn, if we don’t have a great pool of public speakers. Tonight, Hillary was better than her husband on most nights, Obama lacked some of the confidence of late, but still rocked and John Edwards gave a better speech tonight than any speech I saw from a Democratic hopeful in 2000.

I asked earlier about the headline tomorrow. I’m thinking:  Clinton Comeback.