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Unbelievable! CNN narrows the Field of Candidates!

Once again in the Corporate Media makes an “Executive Decision”, about who America should see as their Viable Choices:

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

John McCain

Rudy Giuliani

Mike Huckabee

Mitt Romney

Only these Candidates were the Focus of the latest CNN Poll

Where is John Edwards in this Poll?

(for that matter where is Ron Paul?)

[Edwards has done better than Giuliani, by a long shot!]

So much for Free Speech! So much for the Democratic Process playing itself out! So much for letting the People decide.

The Media Executives apparently feel it’s their Constitutional Right to narrow down your choices for you — They Know What’s best for us!

(Or is it really they know what’s best for them?)

New Poll results from that COM (Corporate Owned Media) with the “best political team on Television”:

CNN Opinion Poll

Interviews with 1,033 adult Americans conducted by telephone by Opinion Research Corporation on January 9-10, 2008. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.


Here is a typical Question from this Poll, using their “filtered” version of reality:

11. For each of the following candidates, please tell me whether you will definitely vote for that person in November if they won their party’s nomination, whether you might consider voting for that person, or whether you will definitely not vote for that person in November. (RANDOM ORDER)

Definitely For | Consider Voting for | Definitely Not Vote for | No Opinion

Hillary Clinton 37% 19% 43% *

Barack Obama 30% 32% 38% *

John McCain 22% 35% 43% *

Rudy Giuliani 19% 25% 55% *

Mike Huckabee 15% 31% 52% 1%

Mitt Romney 13% 25% 62% 1%

A search of this entire Poll, shows Edwards Name is NOT mentioned anywhere! … (apparently he “was abducted by Aliens”!)

Did Edwards quit Running?

Did Edwards do worse than Giuliani or Romney?

What gives CNN the Right to Censor Edwards from this Opinion Poll?

(An Opinion Poll that the Media Bobble-heads, will no doubt repeat at nauseum for the next week, too.)

Could it be that CNN did not quite like the Results, when Edwards was included in their last Poll?

CNN poll: Edwards DESTROYS GOP candidates
(with graphs!)

by BruinKid – Thu Dec 13, 2007

Maybe CNN was worried about another strong showing by Edwards, if he was included in their Jan. Poll?

This is simply Outrageous!

No matter which Candidate you support, the Media should not be empowered to make arbitrary decisions like this!

In my opinion, if John Edwards received half the coverage that Obama and Clinton have, the results of those 1st two elections would have been very different.

The corporate media blackout of John Edwards gets worse

by JedReport – Sat Jan 05, 2008

The Constitution vested the power to pick our Candidates with us — WE the People

And NOT Them the Corporate Media!

Where will this Media’s “streamlining of reality” end?

They sold us the Iraq War, with a smile and a cheer — what will they try to sell us next?

If you care about Free Speech and a free and open and fair Democratic ProcessPlease let CNN know how you feel:

[email protected]

while your at it give these other sponsors of the “powers that be” a piece of your mind too:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

It really is time to take OUR Country Back!

John Edwards is right: Enough is Enough!

thank you.

——— [some Fun Facts] ————-

Current Delegate Count

Obama 25

Clinton 24

Edwards 19

Kucinich 0

Romney 21

Huckabee 14

McCain 12

Thompson 8

Paul 4

Hunter 1

Giullani 1


Looks like Corporate Media-Bias to me!