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CA-44: Darkness Is Coming To California.

I know this is last minute but I want to help my friend, Bill Hedrick, who has two son’s who are or have served in Iraq, is running against corrupt Republican congressman Ken Calvert CA-44th.

Warning: If you intend to click on the link to Calvert’s site you might want to start the shower.


Are you afraid? You should be. But brace yourself – Dick Cheney is coming to do a high-dollar fundraiser for Calvert today in San Clemente. There will be a protest but I have no word of a citizen arrest.

Keith Olbermann even had a segment on tonight about the race.

Here are the details on the protest.

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To: [email protected]

Subject: Dick Cheney in Orange County

Dear Henry,

Dick Cheney is coming out of hiding to attend a high dollar fundraiser benefiting Ken Calvert (another on that growing list of Republicans under federal investigation).

Here’s your chance — let them know just how you feel!


Join protestors on Wednesday, August 13th – Bring signs and raise your voice to protect our precious coastline.

2:15 pm: Meet at Trestles State Beach parking lot (5 South to Christianitos Rd.; Left at stop sign and go over the freeway. Make a left at the next stop sign and the parking lot is on your right-hand side)

3:00 pm: March to La Casa Pacifica aka Nixon’s Western White House.

For more info, please email [email protected] or call 949-234-0020.

In Unity,

Melahat Rafiei, Executive Director

Democratic Party of Orange County


email: [email protected]

phone: 714-835-5158

web: http://www.ocdemocrats.org/

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There are a lot of reasons why Bill is a great candidate but here’s something that is not obvious. Look at Bill Foster IL-14 who took Denny Hastert’s seat and look at the first few seconds of the video here. You will think they are the same person.

Here’s a little about Bill that will help you see how great a candidate he is. He has what it takes and is a great guy.

The son of a Teamster and a teacher, both from the South

And look at this –

Their son Adam, a soldier with the 3rd ID, is currently serving a second Iraqi deployment east of Baghdad. Son Jesse served in Baquba with the 1st ID before suffering a near-fatal “heat event,” while his wife, Evelyn, was an army convoy driver in Baghdad, also serving a second tour.

Expect to hearing more from me about Bill Hedrick.

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Sunday Open Thread

  • So, next week I’m headed to DC, in part to attend the Take Back America Convention. If you’re interested in making the trek out to DC, you can register here.
  • Congrats to Bill Foster, who claimed a pretty darn Republican seat in IL-14, Dennis Hastert’s old seat. Charlie Cook had it at R+5. For those keeping score, that’s the same as CA-50, Bilbray’s seat. And by the way, Foster, a physicist,  opposes telecom immunity. Barack Obama did an ad for Foster a few days ago, that seems to have moved a few people.
  • Here in SF, this weekend seems to be weekend of endorsements for the June primary. We always have competitive races for the county central committee. Well, this year it’s even more crazy with Supervisors Chris Daly and Aaron Peskin deciding to hang out with the farm team and throw the whole race into chaos. Fantastic. Freaking fantastic.
  • As a somewhat unrelated sidenote, it appears that Ross Mirkarimi just might become the most powerful Green Party politician in the country one of these days. Or, well, I guess we might actually need a ramp in the Board of Supervisors Chamber. I normally go for the Dem when given a choice, but Mirkarimi is a pretty darn good guy. He’d be successful and help the city in whatever capacity he serves.
  • And then there’s this: a front page story in the Sunday Chronicle about Gavin Newsom’s possible bid for Governor in 2010. Time flies when you’re having fun, and 2010 isn’t actually that far away now. It could be an interesting race for the Democratic nomination. Maybe the Republicans will throw up Tom McClintock for it. He runs for everything else, anyway. Or maybe they’ll draft some really, really rich person with no history in politics. Hey, it worked in 2003!
  • Anything else going on?