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(CA80AD) Election Day

Disclosure: I’ve been a volunteer with the Perez campaign since April 2007.

We won.  Manuel Perez won the Democratic nomination for the 80th Assembly District in California.  He won thanks to grassroots organizing, an insightful and professional grasp of core issues, and the powerful support of his brothers and sisters across the broad spectrum of the labor movement.  But essentially because he’s a mensch, and he’s in this for us.  His rally speech at 2pm:  

Video shot by Rafael Aguilera, director at The Verde Group, who has worked with Manuel, and came down to be here for the campaign.  Crossposted from Calitics.

It’s been such a joy to be a part of this campaign.  Manuel is the real thing, and it’s an honor to help.  This is a seat California Democrats are determined to win.

Updated on Sun., June 8th to trim a bit, title was From Rally to Victory Speech – Election Day.