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SEIU Member Budget Rally at Governor’s Offices Statewide Today

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As the Governor and legislators announced a budget deal that includes temporary revenues in exchange for deep cuts and a budget cap that makes them permanent, SEIU members and community allies from around the state plan to rally in front of the Capitol Building in Sacramento and the Governor’s offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Fresno today. Members rallied at the Governor’s office in San Diego yesterday.

The rallies are an effort to stop the bad budget deal.  Cooked up in secret, the proposed budget includes massive cuts that will be felt by virtually every Californian, from school children and their teachers, to the elderly, disabled, and the people who care for them.

At the same time, at the federal level, the Senate and House are negotiating a final deal on the economic recovery that could strip important funding from the House version and reduce the amount of aid coming to struggling California families.

Workers and community allies plan on sending a clear message to the legislature, the Governor, and California’s Congressional delegation that these are extraordinary times and that leaders in Washington, DC and Sacramento must stop the bad budget deal in California and restore full aid to states in the economic stimulus package.  Workers and community members will address the effects of the proposed cuts and the proposed budget cap.

Go below the fold for event details.

Friday, February 13th  

Los Angeles (Details/Map)

Where: 300 South Spring Street

When: Noon

Riverside (Details/Map)

Where: 3737 Main Street

When: Noon

Sacramento (Details/Map)

Where: Capitol Building, South Steps

When: Noon

Fresno (Details/Map)

Where: 2550 Mariposa Mall

When: Noon

San Francisco (Details/Map)

Where: 455 Golden Gate Avenue

When: Noon

Disclosure: I’m proud to work for the Service Employees International Union.