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This is the fourth part of a series of posts analyzing California’s propositions:

Proposition 33: A Fine Example of What’s Wrong With The Proposition System

California’s proposition system is generally broken. There are good propositions out there, such as Proposition 25 (which made it so that budgets no longer need super-majorities to pass).

Then there are things like Proposition 33.

Proposition 33 is the worst type of proposition out there.

More below.

 It’s the type of proposition in which a big corporation asks voters to change the law so that the corporation can increase profits. In this case the corporation is Mercury Insurance, founded by billionaire George Joseph:


What is even more crazy about this proposition is that Mercury Insurance placed the exact same thing on the ballot just two years ago. It failed. Now Mercury is trying again.

What Does Proposition 33 Do?

Proposition 33 allows car insurance companies to give discounts to individuals with five continuous years of car insurance.

Conversely, this means that individuals without five continuous years of car insurance will have their car insurance become more expensive. Insurance companies, after all, don’t just hand out discounts because they’re nice. If Proposition 33 passes car insurance companies will give the discount to those who qualify and then raise their prices for everybody else. For those without five continuous years of car insurance, you’ll be paying more if this proposition passes.

Who are people without five continuous years of car insurance?

Well, they’re generally the young and the poor.


Say you’re a working-class immigrant who’s just saved enough money to buy a car for the first time in your life. If Proposition 33 passes, your car insurance will become more expensive. Or say you’re a young person (like me) who just got your license for the first time. If Proposition 33 passes, your car insurance will also become more expensive. Or say you’re a proud mother of a blooming high school student. If Proposition 33 passes, you’ll be paying more for your son’s car insurance once he gets his license.

Yup, This Affects Me Too!

This proposition directly affects me and every single young and poor Californian out there. It also affects every single mother or father of a high school or college student. If Proposition 33 passes, car insurance will be more expensive for every Californian driving a car for the first time in his or her life.


(Under Proposition 33 these smiling Californians will be paying a whole lot more in car insurance.)

This is why voting is so important. The young, the poor, and parents can’t let companies like Mercury Insurance sneak Proposition 33 past us.

Every single young person in California, and every single one of their parents, should vote against Proposition 33.

John Doolitte: Corrupt or Ineffective

(Both? – promoted by SFBrianCL)

Republican John Doolittle is the last of big member of Jack Abramoff’s congressman who hasn’t gone down. Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney — they are all out the door and Doolittle is next.

The Charlie Brown campaign is very aggressive and just launched a new website on Doolitte: www.CorruptOrIneffective.com.

Today’s Sacramento Bee reports:

Democrat Charles Brown on Thursday launched radio advertisements attacking Rep. John Doolittle and promoting his own military background in the opening shot of his effort to unseat the eight-term Roseville Republican.

The two spots are the first in the 4th Congressional District general election battle, the most strenuous Doolittle has faced in more than a decade. […]

The second ad is a parody of the “tastes great, less filling” beer commercials from several years ago and features bar patrons challenging each other over whether Doolittle is “corrupt or ineffective.”

The corruption cited in the ad refers to campaign contributions Doolittle has received from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The ineffectiveness makes fun of the congressman’s name, “Do Little,” and his advice to a group recently that it should hire a lobbyist to help get the attention of Congress.

The ad invites listeners to cast their vote for “corrupt or ineffective” at a Web site the Brown campaign has established at www.corruptorineffective.com.

The Doolittle people are hoping that they’ll be able to buy the election, hoping that voters won’t find out about Doolittle’s record:

Richard Robinson, Doolittle’s campaign spokesman, said the ads pose no threat to the congressman.

“We’re not concerned,” Robinson said. “They don’t have the money to run them in any fashion.”

The Brown Campaign blog has issued a challenge to raise $30K by August 25th to keep the ads running and notes, “a gift of $500-$1000 buys a :60 AM Drive Time slot on our most popular local radio stations, and a gift of $250-$500 buys a PM Drive Time slot.” If you are interested in helping buy some air support for Brown, you can help out here.