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Willie Brown Profits off the Backs of Unpaid Workers

Everybody’s gotta eat, but does Willie Brown really need to eat this badly?  The former California Assembly Speaker and Mayor of San Francisco is now a private citizen and practicing attorney.  Now he’s representing  a contractor charged with 48 felony counts, accused not only of defrauding the State of California out of over $1 million in money that would have been used for schools and public services , but even worse, she forced  employees to work 60-72 hour weeks but paid  them for only 10-40 hour weeks.  Monica Ung cheated 19 workers out of $3.6 million!

What’s up with Willie Brown?! These workers were immigrants who did not speak English, and did not know their rights!


To me, the fact that Willie L. Brown Jr., supposed Stalwart of the Democratic Party, is taking blood money to defend Ung  and NOT the workers themselves, is a clear sign of how ridiculously corrupt our whole political and legal process has become.  Does Willie Brown have no shame?!  

Sure, everyone deserves their day in court, but the last time I checked, the Democrats were supposedly the ones standing up for the little guys, not the other way around.  

If you agree with me, use this opportunity to tell Willie what you think and call his office at (415) 348-0348, or better yet, come to the Hayward Courthouse this Friday July 24, 2009, at 1:30 p.m. where Art Pulaski of the California Labor Federation will be on hand to tell Willie what real Democrats think about him and his client.