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The Charge Of The Hack Brigade

If the Capitol Weekly is going to have a right-wing corporate shill on their editorial pages, the least they could do is get a good one.  Because I don’t know where anyone, even John Kabateck of the National Federation of Independent Business, gets the cajones, after the legislature just passed a cuts-only budget completely on the backs of poor people, to fret about the plight of possible taxes for the business community.

“Get the monkey off your back and relocate to Las Vegas”, barks a new ad trying to lure hard-working small businesses away from California. If legislators don’t listen, small businesses that have already been hit hard by the effects of a fragile economy and the billions in taxes that were passed earlier this year will go under.

Um, right, this “rich people and businesses are leaving California” Galt-ism is not true and has never been true.  But do go on.

The Legislature is back and up to its old tricks. The budget that was passed in February and revised in July will need to be “fixed” again this fall. If history is our guide, we all know that it will be an uphill battle and an unpleasant environment for small businesses. There are currently $2 billion in tax hikes being proposed, including taxes on everything from gas, internet purchases and vehicle license fees.

Oh noes!  Oil companies might have to pay for the natural resources they take out of California’s ground for the first time in a century of drilling!  Get the smelling salts!  The vehicle license fee might return to still-well-below-the-average-percentage relative to every state in the nation!  This is terrible!

You’ll notice that Kabateck fails to mention the $2.5 billion annually in corporate tax cuts passed in the previous two budget agreements, which miraculously exceed the tax hikes – beaten back by the Yacht Party and the Governor in July – about which he is fretting so.  These massive corporate tax cuts do nothing to keep the largest corporations in America doing business in California – they would hardly abandon a market of 38 million people.  It’s nothing more than a kickback for services rendered.  And if that’s a transaction of prostitution, then John Kabateck is the guy who cleans up the courtesan’s antechamber afterward, eager to grab a buck for himself for the privilege of working for whores.

It’s amazing how little the California office of the National Federation of Independent Business speaks for independent business.  He could have written a nice little article about how corporate behemoths are screwing small businesses when it comes to state purchasing, which currently favors out-of-state multinationals.  Instead, he offers the party line that the structural revenue gap is fine and leaving citizens out on the street to die is a small price to pay for protecting oil and cigarette companies.  Kabateck doesn’t seem to understand that this mentality is destroying the California economy, and with it all of those small businesses he claims to represent.

Hacktackular job, CapWeekly!  With any luck, you’ll get Jon Coupal or Joel Fox to offer a rebuttal.