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Phil within 4.7% (Zobgy/WSJ) Some Terrible Campaign eh?

(while there are some questions about zogby, i think the race will be close. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

I get so sick of hearing how bad Phil A. is campaigning when it’s obvious he’s more interested in actual voters than media attention at this time. That’s GOOD campaigning. While the lead that Phil initially had BEFORE Gov. Muscles started campaigning has slipped it is a very good indicator that the margin is this close at this time.

Even though I have a LOT of experience I’ve kept my mouth shut because I’m over involved in Federal Campaigns.

But now we have a new Zogby/Wall Street Journal poll that should put to rest the TERRIBLE CAMPAIGN MEME. Phil A. within 4.7% with a MOE of 3%. And the WSJ doesn’t do junk polls.

You don’t have a terrible campaign and be this close before Labor Day. Phil is making huge connections up and down this state with actual voters and not relying on TV just yet. Eventually he’ll have to and I hope he brings his A game to that effort.

Yet it’s my conviction that he will do better overall be doing the one thing that all the Republican winners have done for years, up to Gov. Muscles, and that’s press the flesh until they couldn’t stand it and press it somemore.

There’s even a name for campaigning up and down Hwy 99. It’s the ‘Pete Wilson Strategy’ as it energizes an entire voting block that is usually forgotten by Democratic candidates as the area isn’t a Democratic  strong hold.

Yet Phil is up and down the Great Valley without stop and into the Coast as well.

More power to him. Use the media when you need to but press the flesh of an actual voter whenever you can. Too many Democrats have forgotten the basics of winning elections, IMHO, and that’s one.