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Kern County Taxpayers Association is pleased to endorse SCA 19

March 19, 2010

The Kern County Taxpayers Association is pleased to endorse SCA 19 (Desaulnier) which embodies the non-partisan reform principles crafted by California Forward to overhaul our state’s budget process and empower local governments to work together and better plan for the future of the people they serve.

As one of the leading authorities on the state budget, you know how urgently we need this legislation to give California the modern tools it needs to make best use of taxpayer dollars, set firm priorities for programs and pass responsible budgets on time.

California Forward’s reform principles are based on proven practices that businesses and other states have used to improve decision-making, deliver better results and improve public confidence in their government.

Like most Californians, we are justly proud of our great state, a state that has always led the way, in technology, protecting the environment and providing our citizens with a quality of life that is second to none.

The fiscal crises we’ve faced in recent years have put California’s leadership in jeopardy. The status quo simply isn’t working. The California Forward plan offers a way to make real and lasting reform that will help restore our state to its leading role in the world and help Californians achieve and thrive in the global economy.


Michael Turnipseed

Executive Director

from California Forward Co-Chair Thomas McKernan

“Nothing in the California Forward plan makes it easier to raise taxes or fees.  The plan keeps the two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes, and prevents lawmakers from replacing a tax with a fee to dramatically increase revenue. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the California Forward plan had been in effect years ago, our state would be in far better financial shape,”  said Tom McKernan, California Forward’s Republican co-chair.