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Prioritize ballot proposition campaigns

Should Democratic and progressive campaign forces prioritize spending on ballot propositions for the remaining weeks of the election?

I say Yes!  Here are a couple of examples…  

The Democratic establishment is combining a NO on 20 with a YES on 27 message.  But, for better or worse, Prop. 27 is sure to lose.  The Democratic leadership should cut 27 loose and realize that Prop. 20 is truly a bad idea from a national perspective.  They should focus there redistricting campaign effort on defeating Prop 20.  

Some excellent unions and their progressive allies are spending lots of campaign dollars in trying to pass Prop. 24.  They also actively support Prop. 25.  But the apparent focus in trying to pass Prop. 24 could be a mistake.  While Prop 24 is worthy of passage, it is highly unlikely to actually pass.  Those campaign dollars would be better spent in trying to pass the more important Prop. 25–the on-time, majority-vote budget initiative–which is leading in the polls but still has stiff opposition.  

Please share your thoughts.