The Fall Of The Last Action Hero Results Thread #2

That one was getting long.  So here’s the deal.  1A-1E are going down.

17.4% precincts reporting

1A: 36.6% Yes, 63.4% No

1B: 40.1% Yes, 59.9% No

1C: 38.6% Yes, 61.4% No

1D: 38.0% Yes, 62.0% No

1E: 37.5% Yes, 62.5% No

1F: 76.4% Yes, 24.6% No

Just to make a point, in the city of Palmdale, a mildly conservative city in LA County, they have Measure B, a transient occupancy tax (hotels), on the ballot.  Right now it’s passing with 67% of the vote.

Don’t tell me this is a repudiation of taxes.  It’s a repudiation of bad governance.

…Update: 21.9% precincts reporting

1A: 36.7% Yes, 63.3% No

1B: 40.2% Yes, 59.8% No

1C: 38.6% Yes, 61.4% No

1D: 38.0% Yes, 62.0% No

1E: 37.6% Yes, 62.4% No

1F: 76.4% Yes, 24.6% No

Interesting that the measure giving money owed to schools is doing best, ay?

… Brian checks in from the war room with the news that the AP called 1F for the Yes side.  Yay!  Now the legislators will be REALLY motivated!

Just a matter of time before 1A-1E get called.

…I’m done updating the ballot measures, as it’s obvious what’s going to happen there. So far LA County has yet to update any totals for the local and federal elections, so we wait.

…Arnold concedes: “We have heard from the voters and I respect the will of the people.”  Whew, for a second there I thought he was going to institute the spending cap anyway!

You know what he’s intimating here, of course.  He’ll pull out his budget #2 and try to implement it.  The May 20th strategy is upon us.

UPDATE by Brian: Check the flip for the No on 1A Press release about the results. Arnold is flying back tonight to have a Big 5 meeting tomorrow. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

…just to update, there have been, um, no updates from the LA Registrar of voters on these local races.  Here, pulled up from the bottom, are the results for the top six finishers, I assume among absentees, in CA-32 thus far.

JUDY CHU                          DEM    6,388   41.98

GIL CEDILLO                       DEM    2,628   17.27

BETTY CHU                         REP    1,938   12.74

EMANUEL PLEITEZ          DEM    1,233   8.1

TERESA HERNANDEZ     REP    1,202   7.9

DAVID A TRUAX                 REP    1,036   6.81

…Todd Beeton tweets in from Judy Chu HQ to say that people there feel good.  

…Finally starting to get some more numbers from LA County.

City Attorney: Trutanich 52%, Weiss 48%.  The spread is about 3,200 votes with 12% in.

5th District City Council: Koretz 53%, Vahedi 47%.  The spread is about 700 votes with 10% in.

Nothing new from CA-32 or SD-26.

SacBee has a post-mortem up.  Pretty much just CW.


Low Voter Turnout Rebukes Costly Special Election, Says to Governor, Legislators: Get Back to Work

SACRAMENTO, CA — California voters overwhelmingly rejected the flawed and unworkable Prop. 1A and sent a clear message to Governor Schwarzenegger and legislators that they are tired of gimmicks and costly special elections and instead want real leadership and solutions to California’s budget crisis.

“Tonight’s results sent a message from the people of California that the Governor and the legislature must stop passing the buck and do the job they were elected to do.  It’s time for the governor and legislative leadership to put the same level of enthusiasm and effort into finding real solutions for California’s budget problems as they did trying to convince voters to vote for a flawed and confusing Prop. 1A,” said Willie L. Pelote, Sr., Assistant Director, Political Action Department, AFSCME International.

Today’s dismally low voter turnout demonstrated that this was not an election driven by anti-tax fervor.  Instead, it shows voters are tired of gimmicks and costly special elections and instead want real leadership and solutions to this crisis.

“The Governor and the legislature must develop budget solutions that put California on a real path to fiscal stability and stop sending voters flawed proposals that won’t work,” said Lillian Taiz, President, California Faculty Association.

Marty Hittelman, President, California Federation of Teachers added, “Now that these flawed and unworkable reform proposals have been voted down, the governor and legislative leaders must put aside the campaign rhetoric and work to craft real budget solutions with adequate revenue to solve our problems and put California back on track.”

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27 thoughts on “The Fall Of The Last Action Hero Results Thread #2”

  1. Unfortunately they’re bringing in less revenue to cities like Monterey these days, but we’d be fucked without it.

    (Note to readers: lots of good hotel deals on Cannery Row. Come visit and help keep our libraries open 7 days a week!)

    And of course this proves that people will vote for taxes. LA County, Santa Clara County, and Sonoma and Marin Counties ALL voted to increase their own sales taxes to fund transit.

    It’s a repudiation of bad government indeed. There’s no other way to interpret the results.

  2. Wyatt Buchanan from SF Chron and Dan Walters are now watching the results roll in with the No on 1A campaign here in Sacto.  Good times.

    AP has officially called 1F, can’t be that long for the rest…

  3. I think it’s safe to say that it is all over but the crying now. We’re about to call it now too.  I’ll post the press release in a bit.

  4. that the bay area seemed to be generally in favor of 1A-1C?  What gives?


    the Democrats who have consistently pushed bullshit short term fixes, that have included the raping of mass transit in this state, in concert with that doofinator Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest liar in CA politics, have FAILED.

    Time to terminate California’s bullshit Constitution with a convention. Time to give Jarvis’ Prop. 13 a big ol’ finger and time to end the lies that the Democrats have pushed to give them cover in all of this.


  6. my comment got cut short but besides recalling Arnie the Liar it’s time to cut his bullshit short!

  7. I’m going to go make some popcorn and wait for the Yes on 1A people to come on here and do their best Baghdad Bob impression… “voters will soon realize how important these propositions are, we’ll have enough votes to pass them soon!”

  8. Does Chu (the real one, not the Betty Chu – R-Doppleganger) take it, or is there a run off if she’s under 50%?

  9. Weiss better pull this off.  Otherwise people who care about the environment are going to be in for a rude shock when the City Attorney decides not to prosecute polluters and the like.

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