The Return of ArnoldBux?

Remember ArnoldBucks? Well, I hope you like them, because they are on their way back.

“Here we go again,” said state Controller John Chiang, warning lawmakers that the state will run low on cash this spring unless they make adjustments in the weeks ahead.

California is falling $6 billion short of the revenue it needs to fund basic programs in the current fiscal year and is projected to be short by another $14 billion in the fiscal year that starts July 1.(AP)

Of course, the response thus far has been talk of cuts-only deals and some budgetary gimmicks. Instead of real solutions that will allow the state to provide for the general welfare, we get more threats of increased withholding and other ways for the state to get some interest free loans from the people.

Last year, the ArnoldBucks IOUs ended up costing the state millions of dollars in additional interest, setup and processing, and hurt our credit rating as the world saw our dirty laundry. I can’t wait for this year’s excitement!

2 thoughts on “The Return of ArnoldBux?”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how to quantify the loss of resources to schools, community services, etc.  It’s a diminishing that can’t be redeemed later, you can’t give a kid his fully funded third grade year back.  You can’t make up that missed medical treatment.

    One school district plans to wipe out bilingual aides entirely.  Another is giving up all but special education buses.  

    Besides the jobs lost, it’s a hit on the whole community.  Working parents already have challenges.  Cuts to your kids’ school just makes it all the harder to make sure they attend, and harder for the kids to do the work.  Great.

  2. Most here seem to have no problem taxing them (I mean really everyone above 40K in the same bracket???)

    Guys it’s the great recession… VOTERS by a majority don’t give a squat about Bilingual education, the teachers union, etc.  I used to like checking this site from time to time as social freedom issues are important to me but in the last two years you guys lost me completely.

    I doubt I’ll vote Dem again this decade…

    2/3rds ain’t going away, a Republican Gov is coming, Deflation (a force you non-capitalists seem to grossly underestimate) is here for the next decade and your socialist Utopia is dead before it’s birth.

    But hey Gay Marriage, Marijuana, and Abortions will all be legal so you can still stick it to social conservatives LOL

    Troll delete my dissent if you will…  Facts remain.

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