Speaker Perez Lays Out a Budget Plan

The Speaker has a budget plan that he is calling the California Jobs Budget. While his language could do better on the framing of revenue, it is certainly a stronger approach than the Governor’s cuts-only madness.

3 thoughts on “Speaker Perez Lays Out a Budget Plan”

  1. Sacramento County financed retirement money with bonds that are coming due.  A well-organized group of “down the drain” activists years ago took the commercially profitable parts of the county and converted them to cities.  What was left of the county kept large programs like mental health, social welfare programs like adult and child protection, parks.  Now the cuts are coming and it is ugly with permanent elimination of important programs.  The unincorporated county have cuts in police and firefighters.  I would rather see a default on the bonds than the kinds of cuts I see coming.  Protecting police, firefighters and schools are number one.  Instead of passively watching the obstructionists for months, time to take to the streets or at least increase support for the programs we believe are necessary for civil society.

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