Brown Takes Lead as GOP Bloodbath Takes Toll

Remember 2006? When Steve Westly and his consultants spent the last few months of the campaign beating up on Phil Angelides? Well, turns out that we are getting the same thing this year from the Republicans. All that back and forth is doing us some good. In a new poll, public policy polling shows some better numbers for AG Jerry Brown:

The big winner from the Republican primary for Governor in California? It might be Jerry Brown. The likely Democratic nominee, benefiting from bad feelings between Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, has commanding double digit leads over both of them.

Brown is up 48-36 on Whitman and 48-32 on Poizner. There are almost no races in the country this year where Democratic voters are more unified than the Republicans- in almost every case there are more Democrats voting for GOP candidates than vice versa. That’s not the case in California though where Brown takes 79% of the Democratic vote to Whitman’s 72% of the Republican vote and 78% of the Democratic vote to Poizner’s 67% of the Republican vote. Brown is bucking another overwhelming national trend by leading both of the GOP contenders with independents. (Public Policy Polling)

I’m looking for more of the Vulture ad from Poizner. I just can’t get enough of that mystery meat they are eating.

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  1. Has anyone made an anti eMeg ad that has a pic of California with a “buy  it now” button?

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