3 thoughts on “June 28 Open Thread”

  1. She seems to have forgotten 1) that she owes her loyalty to the USA not Israel, and that AlQuaida doesn’t need Afganistan to launch attacks against anyone.  She seems to have forgotten 2) that the policy rests with the Commander in Chief, the President, and the boss of Petreus.  And she seems to have forgotten 3) that this President is the head of the party to which she nominally belongs.  Lotta forgettin’ for one woman on one day.

  2. is allowing MW to define him.

    “History of failure” is out of MW’s resume.

    Does Brown not know that one of the first rules in the GOP playbook is to inventory one’s own deficiencies and early on lie/attack one’s Democratic opponent as being guilty of these same deficiencies, so that when said opponent finally gets around to attacking the GOP, it seems like tit for tat, ho hum, back at ya, and loses its impact?

    I thought Brown was a bit more savvy than this.

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