7/29/10 Press Release: “Lutz slams Filibuster of $30B Bill for Small Business”


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Lutz slams Filibuster of $30B Bill for Small Business



SAN DIEGO COUNTY (July 29, 2010) – “This is destructive and intentional: I’m telling you all – it’s sabotage,” said Ray Lutz, the Democratic Challenger to California’s 52nd Congressional Seat (East San Diego County). Lutz was responding to Senate Republicans who filibustered a bill that would create a $30 billion lending fund for small businesses.

“These clowns are working against America, fighting a bill to help the small business fabric of America, the workhorse of job creation,” Lutz said. “While they cater to their Wall Street masters, they are shirking their fiduciary duty to work FOR America. Republicans are hoping the recession “double-dips” before November, so they can ‘win.’ The fact that our political system produces officials who actively work against our economy shows us that the system is truly broken.”

Lutz has proposed a green energy plan that would create 1.5 million jobs and cure the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, pushing for solar and biofuel development in a modern “war on energy.” “We have plenty of work to do, plenty of jobs in our new green economy, but we need to embrace the future and move away from our broken past. My opponent, Duncan D. Hunter, is part of that past and part of the ‘just say no’ Republican Party that is betting against our country.”

The Lutz campaign has a VIP and fundraiser event tomorrow, Friday, July 30, 4-7p.m., in San Diego’s Gaslamp District at the Tequila 100 Bar & Grill, 756 Fifth Ave. Everyone is invited.

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One thought on “7/29/10 Press Release: “Lutz slams Filibuster of $30B Bill for Small Business””

  1. I don’t live in your potential district but I do appreciate your vocal support for small businesses. Being an owner in a retail store, I know that very little if any of what has been done by anyone really gets into the hands of us smallest of small business owners–the people who really seed the innovations that are coming, and that lay the foundation for future jobs. I’d love to see you likewise push for other new ideas, including those that use credit card advance sales loan, which are what we often have to use to gain access to key operational dollars. Like “payday” loans, this sector is very unregulated and exploitive, in part because the community banking sector isn’t doing what it can to make such options available. As small retailers we like them over regular loans because repayment is based on actual sales not fixed repayments that are often hard to maintain when shopping patterns go up and down with the times. In any case, getting more small business help is still key. Thanks.


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