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Animation Celebrates Bush Departure

Finally something we can all agree on!

The Waiting Is Over    While the outcome of the 2008 presidential election remains unknown, one certainty goes unappreciated: the Bush presidency will soon be over! A new animated film offers a joyful musical tribute to the end of an era.

   “The Waiting Is Over” shows a glimpse of what the future may hold with the passing of the presidential torch. It’s a hand-clapping, foot-stomping celebration guaranteed to lift your political spirits.

     Americans have finally found something they can all agree on: the end of the Bush presidency will be a welcome event. And a new animated film musically celebrates the end of this unprecedented era. How many have dreamt that terms like “warrantless wiretapping” and “troop surge” might one day vanish from our vocabulary? This nonpartisan sing-a-long reassures us that dreams become reality the closer we get to this long anticipated finale.

    “The Waiting Is Over” features presidential candidate, “Sheep”, who proclaims that a new America is just around the corner. “We need to remember that no matter the outcome of the election,” says Sheep, “things are going to get a whole lot better. That’s something to celebrate.” He also believes the film serves to remind Bush’s successor of the country’s expectations of the next administration.

    If all the debates and campaign promises of the presidential contenders have left you a little disappointed, don’t despair. Now you can stop singing the campaign rhetoric blues and lift your voice in song to a new chorus. The revival of America has been a long time coming. The waiting’s nearly over. Let the celebration begin!


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Animated Presidential Election

Orange County animator’s creation becomes the latest 2008 presidential hopeful

Sheep for President!   As America’s elected leaders become increasingly less trustworthy, is it any wonder that people turn to animated characters like Lisa Simpson for their daily dose of truth? How often have you heard logic and reason (albeit a bit profane) within a South Park episode? Nowadays whenever we hear our leaders speak, our first inclination is to question their sincerity. An animated character, however, can voice opinions no human would dare to express with conviction and tenacity. Well a new animated character is now challenging our nation’s political integrity by becoming the latest to join the 2008 race for the White House:  Introducing — “Sheep”.

    Being a non-human objective observer, Sheep offers a refreshingly impartial worldview. His inspiring message is delivered through his website,, which features video, music and news commentary. Issues addressed include gay rights, Iraq, health care, the environment and homeland security.

    Sheep’s believability is further enhanced by his half-human, half-animal appearance — due to an experimental animal cloning mishap. Along with his “hybrid” constituents, he shares his vision for a nation that has too long been dominated by humans.

    Sheep’s campaign website includes a video documentary on his life experiences; a video series on America off the campaign trail; original politically-charged music; and warrantless wiretapping before a live audience. News headlines and multimedia programs are updated regularly. Free music downloads and campaign materials are also available.

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