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AD-19: Richard Holober is a good guy

UPDATE: From the comments we learned that all three candidates have stated explicitly that they support single payer health care, and SB 840 specifically.  Looks like this district will be in great hands come next December.

In Tuesday’s Calitics Show, we talked to Assembly Candidate Richard Holober.  The 19th contains much of San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula. Holober is a long-time education advocate and has been a community college board member for several years. Holober knows the importance of education, not only through K12, but also of community colleges and higher education. He has a full grasp of the environmental challenges facing California and supports single payer health care.

Jerry Hill is a San Mateo County Supervisor, and running something of an establishment campaign.  He has the support of Congresswomen Speier and Eshoo and termed out Assembly man Gene Mullin, while Holober has Senator Boxer’s support.  Hill is a former Republican, but generally fairly progressive on issues such as the environment. However, I was unable to find any indication of supporting SB 840, single payer health care.

The one candidate that I would clearly not be comfortable with is Gina Papan, mayor of Millbrae. The daughter of the Late Assemblyman Lou Papan, she is the candidate of the corporations. She on the good end of IEs from Californias Allied for Patient Protection, the anti-single payer group also supporting Joe Nation in SD-03.

All in all, if I had a vote, I think I would go with Holober. He seems to have a great grasp on the change we need in Sacramento and will fight for our progressive values. (Note that I speak for myself here)

Jerry Hill in trouble in AD 19

Out here in San Mateo, things are getting sexy.  Last year our Sheriff was nailed in a brothel in Vegas, but since the johns were not charged, he walked.  There was a stink, as one could imagine, but in the end nothing happened.  Flash forward to a year later, our new Congresswoman Jackie Speier, joined by Congresswoman Anna Eschoo came down hard on the Board of Supervisors for sitting on their hands last year and demanding a full investigation.

What makes this interesting is that over the course of the last year, Munks has donated to the campaigns of all five Supervisors, and between him, his wife, and his in-laws, he gave Hill, candidate for the 19th AD around 10 grand.  The County is going into full-bore ass-covering mode like I’ve never seen before, and it looks like it’s anyone’s race from here on out.  Links below for those who are interested, and I’ll be adding on as things get more interesting.