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Mormon Prop 8 Plan: 1,000,000 yard signs

After the break, I’ve posted a letter sent from Bob Packer on July 28th to the California LDS stake (diocese) presidents.

I’ll note a couple of items that caught my attention before posting the letter without further comment:

Apparently, there is a plan in place to put up one million ‘Yes on 8’ yard signs at 7:00 am on September 22nd.

This letter makes clear that those walking their precincts on behalf of the ‘Yes on 8’ campaign are not doing so to persuade their neighbors, but rather to identify potential ‘Yes’ votes.  As such, the precinct walking is clearly part of a standard get-out-the-vote operation, rather than an attempt to change hearts and minds.

July 28, 2008

Dear Presidents:

Yesterday a wonderful meeting was held with the eight Area Directors in Northern California. These are amazingly powerful people. The Area folks represent the grassroots effort for the passage of the Proposition and their responsibility overlays each Coordinating Council. This was a great and powerful meeting. I assure you that the LDS folks who work closely with or who are on the Board directly of the coalition are very impressive and politically experienced folks. It was great to see.

I have a few answers to frequent questions that are being asked and I feel that if I were you, I’d wanna know. Hope that this helps:

Organization, it’ s a little confusing!? Answer: The Brethren have felt that the best way to organize and pass the Proposition is to have an Ecclesiastical arm and a Grassroots arm to organization. Elder Dalton, Area Seventy and Chair of California for every thing, reports to the Brethren. I assist him. We work with coordinating councils, all 17 in California and then Stake Presidents and Bishops, rank and file. The second leg to organization is grassroots. This is done so as to engage as many like minded folks who are not LDS, but whom will help. The senior folks who run the grassroots are LDS at the coalition and are headed by Glen Greener and Gary Lawrence. These folks are assisted in Nor Cal by Boyd Smith, and in turn by Area, then Regional Directors. The regional directors overlay Stakes. Below are Zip Code Supervisors by wards.

What is the role of grassroots? Answer: The grassroots folks in each Stake, Regional Directors will train zip code supervisors. Their goal, is to find the voters who will vote yes. It is not to persuade others … but to find those who will vote yes. The ZCS will seek, with the RD help, to encourage as many as the ward members and like minded people as possible, to accept eight different responsibilities, all from walking a precinct to determine folks opinions (not to sell), to calling, to placing signage, to a myriad of essential tasks that Area Directors will oversee. Please know Presidents, that the RDs/ZCS’s will be contacting many many people to accept responsibilities. We hope that you are fine with this happening without the Stake President or Bishop approving each assignment! We assume that you are ok with that!!

Will like minded people from other congregations really join with us? Answer: There was a conference call last week with 1200 pastors in California with James Dobson as the featured speaker. This Thursday, there is another conference call with 2000 California clergy. It appears that the effort on the part of like minded people is huge compared to eight years ago. The Area Directors and Regional Directors will be aware of contacting the congregations for a joint effort.  Walking the precincts in particular is where we all may have an opportunity to grab a good friend of another religion and walk with them. If LDS people want to participate in that conference and know of the site of broadcast, they are welcome to go.

What is the timeline from here for the next few weeks.? Answer:

1.  Congregations of LDS all having been taught the doctrine in July so that they may see the importance of fundraising and grassroots participation. Some Stakes have called all Stake Council and wives as well as several folks who may be able to contribute not on the Council. The Stake President, in that Cottage Meeting, has asked for their support. A great part of a fund raising effort, accomplished in one night.

2.  August 1st:  All Regional Directors have been called and contacted by Area Directors for training.

3.  August 3rd:  Training of Regional Directors commences by the Area Directors

4.  August 1st-10th:  Zip Code Supervisors are in place and are to be trained by Regional Directors..

5.  August 16th:  The First of three Saturday precinct walks are to be held under the direction of the Regional Directors.

6.  August 23rd:  The Second of the Saturday precinct walks are to be held.

7.  Sept. 22nd:  One million signs will be put up in yards around the state at 7:00am.

Other timeline events will be planned and executed and you will be updated.

That’s enough. if I caused more questions than answered, please hit me back.

Thanks for all that you and have on your plate. The Lord will make up whatever we all feel we are lacking.

Brother Packer

Here is the source:  http://yesonprop8.blogspot.com…

Judge for yourselves.  Looks authentic to me.

UPDATE:  http://mormonsformarriage.com/?page_…

… the avalanche of signs is, indeed, a goal of the Yes on 8 folks. Our ward training program said that signs would be handed out a few days before September 22nd, but with instructions to not actually put them out until 7 a.m. on the 22nd. They wanted to give the effect that suddenly the signs were blossoming all over the place and all-of-a-sudden everyone was supporting the proposition.

UPDATE II:  This letter was originally found on this blog:  yesonprop8.blogspot.com

The letter was presented on that site as having been written by Boyd K. Packer.

According to commenters who were able to visit the site while it was still accessible, this notice was placed there in response to my diaries:

I am Bob Packer, a church volunteer working with the coalition supporting Proposition 8. For the record, the letter you are citing was written by me, not by President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles or any other Church leaders.

In view of Bob’s claim, I take it that any question of authorship has been settled and that the letter has been confirmed legit by the ‘Yes on 8’ side.

Chino Blanco

Irvine CA 92614: Prop 8 Action Alert

The GOP consulting firm Schubert Flint Public Affairs is led by Frank Schubert and Jeff Flint, who also co-manage the Yes on 8 campaign.

The firm has announced an Open House to be held this Thursday, August 14th from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm to celebrate the opening of Schubert Flint’s new Irvine office.

If you are able to get over to Irvine this Thursday evening, I’ve prepared a flyer that you can download, print out and take with you to distribute to the Open House attendees:  Schubert Flint Protest Flyer Download (PDF)

The screen version for your viewing pleasure:

A map to the office’s Irvine location can be found here.

Please note that the building parking attendants leave after 6:30 pm, so if you’re driving and plan to stay later than that, you’ll enjoy free parking (just grab a ticket on your way in, and the gates will be up when you leave).

Here’s an annotated view of the building:

This is a golden opportunity to interact with the principals, staff and clients of the leading PR firm behind the latest effort to ban gay marriage in California.  

If you live in Orange County, oppose Proposition 8, and can afford to donate three hours of your time this week, I invite you to spend those three hours this Thursday evening in front of 2020 Main in Irvine.

UPDATE: The local tel contact for this action is Vern Nelson at 714-235-VERN

Chino Blanco

“Yes on 8” Open House … RSVP? Rally? Need your advice.

(Hey OC folks! It’s party time with Republican anti-equality hacks! w00t! – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

Schubert Flint Public Affairs has been hired to run the Yes on Prop. 8 (“Protect Marriage”) initiative.  If you’ve happened to notice the names Jennifer Kerns, Frank Schubert, or Jeff Flint in media coverage of California’s Proposition 8 initiative, that would be because they all work for Schubert Flint.

After the break, I’ve posted an invitation from Schubert Flint Public Affairs to join them for an Open House on August 14th to celebrate the opening of their new Irvine office.

For reasons of my own (also posted after the break), my initial impulse when I saw this invitation was not to RSVP, but rather, to wonder if some other response might not be more appropriate for such an event?  What would you suggest?    

If you happen to be familiar with my diaries from the past month, you’d know that I have some issues with churches that pay Republican PR flacks, like Schubert Flint, to manage initiative campaigns.  While the rank-and-file church membership is led to believe that such campaigns are being fought in order to protect ‘traditional’ values, the political operatives cashing the church’s paychecks are mostly interested in the benefits that such campaigns bring to the GOP and themselves.

The chronicles of my frustration at church association with the likes of Schubert Flint span an arc from “initial disappointment with my former church for once again backing the wrong side in a civil rights struggle” to “complete bewilderment at how the church squares their ostensibly ‘politically neutral’ purpose of accomplishing God’s work with their generous financial support of a servant of Mammon like Schubert Flint.”  In any case, it’s an arc that should give you some idea of where I’m coming from in all this (executive summaries in parentheses):

Mormons enter Calif. marriage fight

(Mormons arguing for ‘traditional’ marriage?  Good luck with that.)

An invitation to show up or walk out on June 29th

(Don’t Mormons have anything better to do than wage losing political battles from the pulpit?)

Meet Rameumptom, Inc: Schubert-Flint

(“Yes on 8” is being sold by the same folks who sold us the Iraq war.)

The Prop 8 ATM: A Christmas Carol

(And no matter the issue, they’ll keep on selling as long as it keeps on paying off for them.)

Googling Gay Marriage: Putting a Fork in Prop 8

(Jeff Flint is a real piece of work.  End of story.)

In any case, enough of my rehashing, here’s the invite:

Schubert Flint Public Affairs August 14th Open House

Take a look.  Note the time, date, and location.  And let me know what you think.

While you’re thinking, I’m gonna ramble on a bit more before kicking back and looking forward to your input.

I was raised LDS (Mormon), served a two-year mission for the church, but parted ways in my twenties due to the (seemingly) unbridgeable divide between my politics and that of the church my family joined five generations ago.  That said, I harbor lingering attachments to the faith and community I once shared and enjoyed.  And so, at times like these, I’m led to wonder anew at the failure of my erstwhile co-religionists to appreciate the utter necessity of respecting all Americans as equals before the law, especially as our Californian LDS brothers and sisters are also citizens of a country that (only after much struggle) now affords their religion the opportunity to thrive.  At the very least, if they’re sincere in wanting to play a ‘conservative’ role in American society, I wish they’d pay more attention to fellow conservatives like Ward Connerly, who understand that:      

For anyone to say that this is an issue for people who are gay and that this isn’t about civil rights is sadly mistaken. If you really believe in freedom and limited government, to be intellectually consistent and honest you have to oppose efforts of the majority to impose their will on people.

Considering my firm belief that gay Americans should have the freedom to marry, I’m curious what an intellectually consistent and honest response to Schubert Flint’s invitation might look like.  

Chino Blanco

Election 2008: Churches Across California Today Enjoined Members to Vote for Proposition 8

Portions XPosted 8/3/2008 11:23 AM PDT on MyDesert.com

According to one of my activist friends, a former deacon of a religious extremist church in Utah, who attends an evangelical megachurch in the Coachella Valley in order to monitor its adherence to the tax code as it applies to its tax exempt status, churches across America today began ‘100 Days of Prayer’ against Marriage Equality and cajolled their members and attendees to vote in favor of Proposition 8 and defeat gay marriage at the polls in November.

Proposition 8 is an amendment to the California State Constitution that would ban Marriage Equality and would dictate that marriage is only between ‘a man and a woman.’ Prop 8 is another in a long line of attempts by out-of-state religious extremist organizations that attempts to further the religious extremist agenda as a step towards fomenting theocracy rather than democracy in the United States of America:

(Proposition 8) (a)mends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: The measure would have no fiscal effect on state or local governments. This is because there would be no change to the manner in which marriages are currently recognized by the state. (Initiative 07-0068.) (Full Text)

From the pulpit of the church, directly in violation of the principles of the separation of church and state, church leaders discussed the impending vote on Prop 8 and advised members to not only ‘pray’ for the success of the proposition, but to also vote for Prop 8.  My friend advises that in churchspeak, this use of the term ‘pray’ means ‘send money.’

More below the flip…

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has investigated churches that in violation of their tax-exempt status exhort attendees to vote particular ways.  Recently, those investigations have been suspiciously limited to more mainstream, more liberal churches.  It is not against the law for, say, a minister, priest, or rabbi to state how he or she will vote, but it is against the law to encourage attendees to vote in a particular manner.  The most extreme penalty for the latter action is removal of tax-exempt status.

In 2005, the IRS began to investigate All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA and its guest minister, George Regas.  According to National Public Radio, Regas issued a sermon from the pulpit about a hypthetical conversation between Jesus, Pres. George W. Bush, and Sen. John Kerry. For that effort, someone filed a complaint with the IRS, and the IRS threatened to remove the tax exempt status of the church, claiming that Regas’ sermon constituted an endorsement of Kerry. The IRS renewed its investigation in 2006.  However, All Saints Church refused to comply with the investigation.  Finally, in September 2007, the IRS bowed to public pressure and to the church and terminated its investigation.  In response, Rector Ed Bacon demanded that the IRS apologize and that the IRS be investigated.

In an attempt to strengthen democracy and to prevent institution of theocracy in America, more and more progressives and activists are attending religious extremist churches in order to monitor potentially illegal activities.

Americans United: for Separation of Church and State indicates that the greatest threat to the separation of church and state is the so-called ‘Religious Right:’

The single greatest threat to church-state separation in America is the movement known as the Religious Right. Organizations and leaders representing this religio-political crusade seek to impose a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint on all Americans through government action.

Americans United, as part of our educational responsibility, regularly monitors the agenda and activities of the Religious Right. We share our research with journalists, elected officials and all Americans who care about church-state separation, democracy and pluralism.

BlueBeaumontBoyz wonders how quickly the IRS will begin an investigation into churches’ endorsement of Prop 8 from pulpits across America.

Next time, my friend promises not funble his video/audio recorder and promises to provide the smoking gun.  Kudos to those who are working to preserve democracy in America!

Gavin Newsom at Netroots Nation: A Call to Action on Proposition 8

Cross posted on Daily Kos

Sometimes it’s instructive to revisit recent history to bring an issue into focus.

In February 2004, just 14 days after he became the Mayor, Gavin Newsom announced that the City of San Francisco would start marrying same-sex couples. The news sent shockwaves through California as happy couples lined up to get their marriage licenses. It’s interesting to take a look back at what Newsom had to say at the time.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said Sunday he is willing to sacrifice his political career over his belief that denying gay men and lesbians the right to marry “is wrong and inconsistent with the values this country holds dear.”

“I think we’re on firm legal footing and legal grounds, and certainly I believe very strongly and passionately we’re on the right moral ground,” Newsom said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”  […]

“I will not abdicate and step back and say what we were doing 10, 15 days ago — before this action — is appropriate,” Newsom said. “I do not believe it’s appropriate for me, as mayor of San Francisco, to discriminate against people.

“And if that means my political career ends, so be it.”  […]

More on the flip…

Newsom said he believes that the equal-protection clauses of the state’s constitution trump the state law.

“I took an oath of office to bear truth, faith and allegiance to the constitution of the state of California, and there is nothing in that constitution that says that I have the right to discriminate against people on any basis,” he said. “And I simply won’t do that.”

So in May of this year, four years later, when the resulting lawsuit against the City of San Francisco was finally adjudicated, the California Supreme Court said pretty much the same thing that Gavin Newsom had said back in 2004.

The California Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage Thursday, saying sexual orientation, like race or gender, “does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights.”  […]

“We … conclude that in view of the substance and significance of the fundamental constitutional right to form a family relationship, the California Constitution properly must be interpreted to guarantee this basic civil right to all Californians, whether gay or heterosexual, and to same-sex couples as well as to opposite-sex couples,” Chief Justice Ronald George wrote for the majority.

But no sooner did the Court issue its ruling than the opponents of marriage equality qualified Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment which would prohibit same-sex marriage, for the November election. So now that the fight has moved from the courts to the ballot box, it’s hardly surprising to find Gavin Newsom once again reminding us that we all need to follow his courageous and principled lead and fight to protect that moral high ground he staked out back in 2004.  

We met with Mayor Newsom this morning at Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas, and he shared his thoughts about the need for Democrats to unite to defeat Proposition 8 and to fully and finally establish that marriage equality is the law in California.  

California Democrats have many candidates and issues to rally around in the 2008 campaign, but one of the very most important will be the battle for fundamental rights that will be at the heart of the fight against Proposition 8.  For information about how you can help defeat Proposition 8, you can visit Equality For All.


Online Organizing Director

California Democratic Party

Proposition 8: ‘DTS’ is another term for ‘Not Republican’

There is a new Field Poll on Proposition 8 – the Hate amendment. The dead-enders still supporting the Yatch Party are going down with the ship. But 63% of Democrats are voting no and so-called Independents are even more progressive with 66% against putting discrimination in the Constitution. That accounts for a current score of 51% No to 42% Yes. That’s right, it is way under 50, hell, the good guys are up by 9 pts.  

Prop 8 Court Challenge Denied

So reports the LA Times:

The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to remove an anti-gay marriage initiative from the November ballot.

Meeting in closed session, the court denied a petition calling for the removal of the initiative, Proposition 8, on the grounds it was a constitutional revision that only the Legislature or a constitutional convention could place before voters….

The court, meeting at its regular weekly conference, denied the petition without comment in a brief order.

No surprise here, especially if you’ve been following Brian’s excellent commentaries on the issue.

November isn’t that far away. If you haven’t signed up with Equality for All – what the hell are you waiting for?!

California Democratic Party in Crisis; Art Torres Should Resign

Every political insider in the state woke up this morning, opened the Sacramento Bee and read:

Perata aid angers some Dems

$250,000 to help with his legal bills should go to 2008 races, they say.

The California Democratic Party’s decision to spend another $250,000 on Senate leader Don Perata’s legal bills has angered some party activists, who say the money would be better spent electing Democrats this year.

The Oakland Democrat has racked up nearly $2 million in fees fending off an ongoing FBI corruption investigation in the last four years. With the latest donation, made July 1, the party has now given a total of $450,000 to help cover Perata’s legal bills.

“The California Democratic Party is in business to defeat Republicans and elect Democrats,” said Rick Jacobs, co-founder of the Courage Campaign, a left-leaning online activist group. “It’s not really to keep corrupt politicians out of jail.”

Steve Cummings, vice president of the Democratic Club of Ventura County, said that while he had not personally formed an opinion, “People are going to be livid.”

Democratic activists who want to take advantage of what could be another tidal wave year should be livid to see the CDP waste money like this. Wasting money on an impotent lame duck who should have passed the batton to Darrell Steinberg long ago instead of electing Democrats is plain stupid. There is no excuse. Art Torres should resign in shame. With this latest scandal, on top of the $4,000,000 he wasted on Fabian Nunez, it is abundantly clear that Torres has no intention of doing his job.

Tomorrow, Speaker Karen Bass is hosting a small dollar fundraiser for the CDP. How can Speaker Bass honestly ask Democratic activists to go to Actblue and make a two figure donation when the CDP is writing six and seven figure checks that have nothing to do with electing Democrats? Chair Torres is embarrassing Speaker Bass with this crap and putting her in an awful position thanks to legal crisis created by the clear appearance of impropriety by Senator Don Perata.

At the heart of the crisis rolling the CDP is money. While DNC Chair Howard Dean and Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama have crossed the bridge to the 21st century and inspired small dollar donors to build people-powered political operations, the CDP is actually going backwards and Chair Torres is running things worse than when he was first anointed by then President Bill Clinton a decade ago. Chair Torres is either unable or unwilling to lead the CDP in this direction. As such, he has no business being Chair and should resign immediately.

When I hear the name “Art Torres” I have a sour taste in my mouth. My first thought is how far the $4,450,000 he has wasted could have gone to register and organize Democrats. Think how far that could have gone towards actually helping Charlie Brown this cycle, or Debbie Cook or Russ Warner or any of the great challengers who should be receiving strong support from the Party. If we lose Proposition 8 and California codifies discrimination into the state constitution, I’m going to think how far that money could have gone towards registering and turning out Democrats. Think how many organizers could be hired and trained with such a large sum.

The California Democratic Party is lost and the first step to set a new course is to admit that the CDP is FUBAR with Art Torres at the helm. Chair Torres needs to step down, preferably before he shames Speaker Bass at tomorrow night’s small dollar fundraiser. For as long as he stays, it makes no sense for small donors to contribute and every Democrat on the ballot this fall in a tight race is at an extreme disadvantage. It is time for reform, for progress. It is time to start winning.

[UPDATE by Dave] – Might as well add this here – the FISA Amendments Act passed today, and Sen. Feinstein voted for cloture, for the final bill, and against stripping out immunity.  Art Torres told us all that last year, she “led the fight” to stop telecom immunity in the United States Senate.  Draw your own conslusions.

Obama’s Opposition to Marriage Amendment isn’t “News”

Cross-posted with Beyond Chron.

The SF Chronicle announced “breaking news” on their website yesterday (and front-page headline today) that Barack Obama is against Proposition 8 – California’s right-wing constitutional amendment to repeal marriage equality.  Too bad the “breaking” news was a letter that Obama sent to the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club several days earlier, and was publicly read at their Pride Breakfast on Sunday.  But regardless of how you define news as “breaking,” Obama has been on record opposing Prop 8 for the past six weeks – as he issued a formal statement on the day of the California Supreme Court’s decision.  The Chronicle yesterday referred to Obama’s May 15th statement as “carefully nuanced” – even though his position was quite explicit, and he even used some of the same language.  Obama has always opposed Prop 8, and his pledge to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act gives LGBT couples very strong reason to campaign for him in the fall.

It’s amusing for the Chronicle to treat a letter read to a crowded room of activists two days earlier in downtown San Francisco as “breaking” news.  Spain won the Euro Cup on June 29th – the same day that Obama’s letter was read.  Would SFGate.com announce Spain’s victory two days after the fact on their front page and call it “Chronicle Breaking News”?  Readers would naturally find that strange, so how is this example any different?

Obama’s position against California’s anti-gay marriage initiative – a welcome addition as activists mobilize to defeat it – isn’t “breaking news.”  In fact, it’s not even news.

Six weeks ago, when the state Supreme Court issued its powerful decision on marriage equality, Barack Obama – like most politicians – issued a statement.  While the statement included some wishy-washy language that Obama “respects” the court decision, supports civil unions and that states should make “their own decisions,” he also formally came out against California’s Proposition 8.

“On the issue of constitutional amendments,” said the May 15th statement, “Senator Obama has been on record for some time: He opposes all divisive and discriminatory constitutional amendments, state or federal.  That includes the proposed amendments in California and Florida.” (my emphasis)

Now compare it with Obama’s letter from three days ago: “As the Democratic nominee for President, I am proud to support the LGBT community in an effort to set our nation on a course that recognizes LGBT Americans with full equality under the law … And that is why I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states.” (my emphasis)

Far from accusations by the right wing that Obama has “flip-flopped” on the issue (which the Chronicle quoted without criticisms), Obama opposed efforts to change California’s Constitution six weeks ago – and he opposes the amendment now.  But somehow, the Chronicle dismissed what the Obama campaign released on May 15th as a “carefully nuanced statement.”

Granted, Obama’s letter on June 29th was more forceful – and it also cited his support for axing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.  The latter is extremely important, because California same-sex couples still don’t have all the benefits of marriage until the federal government treats them equally.  But even that isn’t news: Obama supported repealing both laws back during the primaries, which made his platform more gay-friendly than Hillary Clinton.

On May 15th, Obama’s position was that marriage should be left to the states – but that he opposed any and all state constitutional amendments.  So his allegedly “nuanced” position was that marriage could be legislated as being between a man and a woman – just as long as you didn’t enshrine hate within the constitution.  Obama didn’t change that position with his letter – he just re-iterated his opposition to California’s Proposition 8, in case you didn’t hear it the first time.

After having carefully read (and re-read) Obama’s letter to the Alice B Toklas Club, the only “news” I can see is that he publicly acknowledged the same-sex couples who got married since the Supreme Court decision.  “I want to congratulate all of you who have shown your love for each other by getting married these last few weeks,” he wrote.  “I look forward to working with you in the coming months and years, and I wish you all continued success.”  That may be news – but the media completely missed the boat on why.

In All the President’s Men, which details how Washington Post reporters helped bring down Richard Nixon with Watergate, the paper’s editor dismisses a salesman trying to sell him a feature for a weather report for people who were too drunk the day before, with the line: “Send it out to the San Francisco Chronicle – they need it.”  Apparently, the Chronicle still hasn’t learned in the past 35 years that yesterday’s news is not “breaking news.”

But it wasn’t just the Chronicle that got this story wrong — even liberal blogs treated the Alice B Toklas letter as a break from Obama’s prior position.  But Barack Obama has opposed changing the California Constitution to discriminate against same-sex couples for quite a long time – which gives the LGBT community more reason to enthusiastically support his candidacy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In his spare time and outside of regular work hours, Paul Hogarth volunteered on Obama’s field operation in San Francisco. He also ran to be an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention.