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Thursday Open Thread

• CalSTRS, along with CalPERS, has been a leading voice in the good corporate governance movement. Their next mission: get more women on corporate boards. They did a study, and apparently companies with higher female representation on the board fared better.

• Apparently some folks are mad that the Los Angeles plan, Measure B on the March ballot, to create 400 MW of solar power is using city workers instead of private contractors that do solar installations across the region. Taking a different tack, City controller Laura Chick has come out strongly against the plan, which was backed by Mayor Villaraigosa and Council President Eric Garcetti because cost estimates are very squishy.

• We keep trying to break out from under the thumb of the prison receiver.  This time it is AG Jerry Brown trying to argue it is unnecessary. Apparently, and somewhat laughably, he thinks the state should take control of the situation. The trouble is that we haven’t actually done anything to correct the problems that lead to the receiver’s appointment in the first place.

Our leaders have nobody to blame but themselves on this one. Their lack of courage, with only a few notable exceptions like Gloria Romero, has been exceptional in its cowardice.

• Asm. Pedro Nava loves animals.

• Another one: Apparently the primary fights are set to begin. Asm. Anthony Adams is already getting primary threats from none other than Dick Mountjoy. Yes, the same Dick Mountjoy that lost to DiFi by like 40 points or something. Apparently he has a term left, but hasn’t said anything official. He’ll just wait and see who will devour  Mr. Adams first.  Let the feeding frenzy begin.

• Check the video of Sen. Steinberg talking at the Sacramento Press Club (posted here). Regular readers might be interested in his explanation of the Big 5 meetings at about the 9:30 mark. (h/t CapAlert)

Odds and Ends 10/20/06

I’ve been putting all the Odds, and all the Ends, in the extended.  But this one, this one, gets front page treatment: The Sacramento Bee has endorsed Jerry McNerney:

If you prefer the politics of extremes; if you’re OK with selling off national parks; if backroom deal-making and tainted money suit you; if you embrace out-of-balance budgets and the concentration of wealth — Pombo’s your man. But he is no longer representing the true interests of his district, state or nation. That’s ample reason for voters to send Jerry McNerney to Congress.

The Bee becomes just the latest in a string of endorsements of McNerney and fellow Dem Charlie Brown.  Now, let’st get to the teasers of the stuff over the flip: Schwarzenegger drops another $3.5 mil, Garamendi cleared, Pooch’s frivilous lawsuit, Dick Mountjoy being…Dick Mountjoy, and more…

  • The rhetoric about the joke of a lawsuit regarding Jerry Brown’s State Bar status continues. The general response from legal scholars, including the very well-respected Erwin Chemerinsky: this lawsuit stands no chance of success.
  • Garamendi was cleared of any wrong-doing involving Executive Life (Sac Bee)
  • Schwarzenegger dumped another $3.5 mil of his own money into his campaign. Wasn’t the $100 million he’s received from special interests enough?  I guess not.
  • The GOP continues to identify itself not as a big tent, but as a party of bigotry. Leonard Pitts in the SacBee discusses the Radical Right’s purge on gays in the GOP.  Money quote: “The Republicans cannot be the party of both gay tolerance and the Christian right.” Who do you think they will choose? Respect for human rights, or respect for bigotry?
  • This is actually from yesterday: Dan Weintraub discusses both candidate’s positions on health care.
  • Apparently the LA Times Editorial Board doesn’t think purging voter rolls and massive voting machine problems, and you know, general voting rights issues, are a “compelling reason” to um, get off your ass and elect the best candidate for SoS.  Hey, this endorsement couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact that McPherson is a long-time newspaper publisher, could it?
  • Dick Mountjoy loved his first racist proposition, Prop 187, that he wants another crack at the immigrants.  He’s filed another initiative with the state that would permanently bar immigrants from attaining driver’s licenses or in-state tuition.
  • CA-Sen: Dick Mountjoy, wingnut extraordinaire, inches towards a real race

    In the most recent Datamar poll, Dick Mountjoy is within 11 points of Diane Feinstein.  Now, I’ve pointed out the flaws of the Datamar poll here, however this is a bit scary.  The man is totally insane.  And I mean that.  Totally. Insane.

    I’d like to point out a few positions from this California Republican icon. Let’s start with immigration

    Dick Mountjoy is the author of Prop 187, the proposition which cut off most benefits from people who could not show proof of legality.  His official position:

    If we’re to protect our nation, we must control our borders.  That’s why, as our U.S. Senator, I will work to immediately strengthen our border with improved barriers and beefed up law enforcement.  I will also fight against any attempt to give illegal immigrants government funded services, and I will oppose ALL amnesty schemes.[(Mountjoy for Senate) If we’re to protect our nation, we must control our borders.  That’s why, as our U.S. Senator, I will work to immediately strengthen our border with improved barriers and beefed up law enforcement.  I will also fight against any attempt to give illegal immigrants government funded services, and I will oppose ALL amnesty schemes.]

    On gay rights:
    Anti-gay would be putting it mildly.  Check out this lecture from an anti-gay rally:

    Some notable quotes from this video:

    “They have been taught to not tolerate the sin, but tolerate the sinner.  They have been taught that these acts are sins no doubt about it…They say “it’s ok’.  You know Papa, you’ve taught us a Christian way of life.  My teacher says it’s ok.  Well, it’s not ok.”

    “Separation between church and state, which is not really true.”

    And there are a lot more of fun quotes.  Listen people, if this Datamar poll is even close to being accurate, we need to make sure that we get to the polls.  I know DiFi isn’t perfect, but would you really want to risk moonbat over there being in the Senate?

    Dick Mountjoy: Now, that’s some serious hate.

    Dick Mountjoy, the GOP Senate nominee seems to think it will be good for his campaign to do a little rhetorical gay bashing.  Well, as if his campaign wasn’t confined to the fringes already, lock up the key and forever label him irrelevant.  In this clip, Mountjoy issues the standard “Hate the sin, don’t hate the sinner” stuff about gays and vows to fight the “lifestyle” as a  minority thinking. 

    You know what, I’m really, really sick of that word, “Lifestyle”.  I read an excellent article about the term a few months ago, but can’t seem to find it.  If I do, i’ll be sure to post it. But anyway, the point is that it’s become this breezy term.  As if the millions of LGBT Americans are making some big decision.  Listen, it’s not like being “grunge” or a hippie.  So, Dick, get over it. (Like that will happen…)