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Martin Sheen Makes Plea to Governor: Sign Farmworker Overtime; Available For Phone Calls To Discuss

SACRAMENTO – Actor Marin Sheen says “It is fair and just…” in his call for standard overtime pay for farm workers. Sheen adds his support to a measure by Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter) that extends overtime pay provisions to farm workers who work more than eight hours in a day. This measure has passed out of the Legislature and is heading to the desk of Governor Schwarzenegger.

Sheen has been a longtime supporter of farm worker rights, marching with Cesar Chavez in 1965. In a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger, Sheen writes, “This measure’s time has come at long last!” His letter of support joins that of editorial boards throughout California, including those of the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Sacramento Bee.

Farm workers are currently the only California employees who are exempt from receiving overtime when they work more than eight hours in a day, although they often labor 12 or more hours a day at harvest time. SB 1121 would simply remove that exemption and treat them as any other workers are treated.

Sheen will be available to answer questions via telephone.

Please email Janice Tsai ([email protected]) in the office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez to set up an appointment.

CA LT Governor Race: Florez Strikes Gold In Hahn’s Back Yard; Hahn Leaves Town To Seek Funds

In what has to be a major embarrassment to LT Governor candate and LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, when it comes to campaign fundraising, it appears she does not have the support of many high profile SOCAL residents she has served and/or live “in her own back yard“. While she heads out of town this week headed for Oakland for two campaign fundraisers, Candidate and State Senator Dean Florez, has not not one, but TWO MAJOR campaign events in the Los Angeles area.  

The two campaign events in Oakland for Hahn, both arranged by Oakland City Attorney John Russo, are for a $150 per person breakfast at the Cathedral Building Gallery and a $300 a head luncheon at Leavened East, both on Thursday December 10.

Meanwhile, candidate Florez supporters will have a show of force on Monday, December 14th, when top luminaries in their field, from real estate, medicine, and the arts show their support at The Regency Club in Los Angeles.

Billionaire philanthropist and healthcare visionary Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., is inviting Florez supporters to join him and a who’s-who of California success stories for a reception honoring the candidate at The Regency Club in Los Angeles. Co-Hosts for the event include actor Martin Sheen, Janet and Jerry Zucker (who directed the movies  “Ghost” and “Airplane”). David Geffen, the billionaire record executive, film and theater producer and philanthropist, who cofounded “Dreamworks” and medical luminaries Dr. Richard Merkin, and Dr. Gary Michelson, and Ed Roski and Rick Caruso, noted real estate developers also known for their philanthropic activities. Tickets start at $2000 and range up to $13,000.

A second campaign event for Florez, ONE HOT DECEMBER NIGHT, again in Southern California (Los Angeles), will be held on December 17 at The Myan. Fundraising tickets are running $20. to $6,500.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me a candidate for Statewide office surely would have the strong support of those in his or her own area, especially those who are high profile and known for supporting Democratic candidates for statewide and national office. One single donation to Florez at his first event could wipe out the entire event donations at the Hahn fundraisers. This turn of events (all to happen in the span of a week or so) surely cannot be a good omen for the Hahn campaign, especially this early in the campaign for LT. Governor.