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Constitutional Convention Leadership Forum Tomorrow

California is facing a crisis. Our state’s broken governance system has left us with a $20 billion debt and facing down the possibility of bankruptcy. Repairing California requires real action and substantive reform, like calling for a state Constitutional Convention.

This is truly a grassroots, citizen-led movement to fix our state by calling for the first Constitutional Convention in California since 1878. After years of leaving our state beholden to special interest groups and the dysfunctional initiative process, California’s Constitution has become incapable of serving the people of our state.

In order to spread our campaign’s message and generate support for this people’s movement, we will be holding our first Leadership Forum this Wednesday.

Date: February 10

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Santa Clara County Convention Center, 5001 Great American Parkway, Santa Clara in Meeting Room #209.

Members of the Convention Movement will be on hand to speak about the process of calling a state Constitutional Convention as well as address some of the major issues that have contributed to California’s decline. This is a great opportunity to come and learn more about this truly historic campaign.

We are all undoubtedly aware that California needs help to become great again. And as Californians, we want to do whatever we can to accomplish this. Our movement will take a big step on Wednesday evening and we hope to see you there.  

CA LT Governor Race: Florez Strikes Gold In Hahn’s Back Yard; Hahn Leaves Town To Seek Funds

In what has to be a major embarrassment to LT Governor candate and LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, when it comes to campaign fundraising, it appears she does not have the support of many high profile SOCAL residents she has served and/or live “in her own back yard“. While she heads out of town this week headed for Oakland for two campaign fundraisers, Candidate and State Senator Dean Florez, has not not one, but TWO MAJOR campaign events in the Los Angeles area.  

The two campaign events in Oakland for Hahn, both arranged by Oakland City Attorney John Russo, are for a $150 per person breakfast at the Cathedral Building Gallery and a $300 a head luncheon at Leavened East, both on Thursday December 10.

Meanwhile, candidate Florez supporters will have a show of force on Monday, December 14th, when top luminaries in their field, from real estate, medicine, and the arts show their support at The Regency Club in Los Angeles.

Billionaire philanthropist and healthcare visionary Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., is inviting Florez supporters to join him and a who’s-who of California success stories for a reception honoring the candidate at The Regency Club in Los Angeles. Co-Hosts for the event include actor Martin Sheen, Janet and Jerry Zucker (who directed the movies  “Ghost” and “Airplane”). David Geffen, the billionaire record executive, film and theater producer and philanthropist, who cofounded “Dreamworks” and medical luminaries Dr. Richard Merkin, and Dr. Gary Michelson, and Ed Roski and Rick Caruso, noted real estate developers also known for their philanthropic activities. Tickets start at $2000 and range up to $13,000.

A second campaign event for Florez, ONE HOT DECEMBER NIGHT, again in Southern California (Los Angeles), will be held on December 17 at The Myan. Fundraising tickets are running $20. to $6,500.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me a candidate for Statewide office surely would have the strong support of those in his or her own area, especially those who are high profile and known for supporting Democratic candidates for statewide and national office. One single donation to Florez at his first event could wipe out the entire event donations at the Hahn fundraisers. This turn of events (all to happen in the span of a week or so) surely cannot be a good omen for the Hahn campaign, especially this early in the campaign for LT. Governor.  

Netroots Nation in Los Angeles: Civil Rights 2.0

(LA area Caliticians should come.   – promoted by shayera)

I thought this upcoming event would be of interest to some of you here in the Los Angeles area so I thought I’d share the information. As part of the Salon Series, Netroots Nation is partnering with the California NAACP Youth & College Division and the LA Chapter of the New Leaders Council for a conversation and strategy session focused on the future of the civil rights movement in an Obama Administration. If we are going to undo the extensive damage done by the Bush Administration, we need to not only work together, but change the way we work to better reflect the attitudes and strengths of our ever-changing work force. On Wed., February 11 from 6:30-8pm, Cheryl Contee of Jack & Jill Politics will discuss the next stage of the movement with Stefanie Brown, National Director of the NAACP Youth & College Division and the President of the California NAACP Youth & College Division Sean Dugar. Registration is required and can be done on the Netroots Nation website http://www.netrootsnation.org/… Or, feel free to join the Facebook page, (I’ll admit, I’m addicted to FB), http://www.facebook.com/event…. Netroots Nation, known for changing the path of political interaction, is proud to host this very important discussion and we look forward to seeing you there.

Netroots Nation Los Angeles: Civil Rights 2.0

Wed., February 11, 2009, 6:30-8pm

Beverly Hills Library Auditorium

444 N. Rexford Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

COST: $10.  

Big Day on the Activist Front

We had so many events posted for today, that not all of them made the front page. So, here’s a quick list:

  • Sustainable Harvest Presentation in Ventura
  • Beach Cities for Obama
  • San Diego GO Team Neighbor to Neighbor Outreach Brunch
  • The documentary film “Iraq in Fragments” in Carlsbad
  • The documentary film “Hijacking Catastrophe” in San Diego
  • East (San Diego) County Democratic Club general meeting
  • Alice B. Toklas Pride Breakfast in SF
  • Open Thread

    Good day on Calitics all around.  Well done Calitics.  Not too much to add really, but I’ll do it anyways because that’s just what I do.

    Nationally, the Pentagon is is reporting that violence is increasing in Iraq.  In other news, surge suppressors are on sale now.

    At the state level, Republican infighting.  John Benoit (R-Riverside) introduced a bill to prevent candidates from simultaneously running for and raising money for both state and local office.  The culprit? Russ Bogh (R-Beaumont) who’s running for state Senate and Riverside County Board of Supervisors.  Tricky tricky…

    And locally here in Sunny San Diego, Mayor Sanders has announced that he will sign the city’s $2.88 billion budget.  But oh by the way, he’s nixing funding for homeless shelters that has been at the center of budget back-and-forth all year.  The funding will be taken up again in September, and Democratic council president Scott Peters and my own councilwoman Toni Atkins are optimistic.  I’m not.  So city council, you get what you want, if by “you” one means “Mayor Sanders.”

    Tonight I’m going to The Casbah to see Deep Rooted, Strange Fruit Project, and Lifesavas.  Unfortunately, you probably can’t come with me.  To ease your pain, delight: Strange Fruit Project – Pinball

    “Sometimes we win big, sometimes we win small”

    UPDATE by Brian: I wanted to toss a few things in this open thread:

  • There will be a town hall meeting with Board of Equalization Chair Betty Yee and Senate Pres. Pro Tem Don Perata in Oakland Tomorrow. Its in the events section, but there are lots of events tomorrow. If you’re in the East Bay, check it out.
  • On Friday, the League of Young Voters is having a benefit art auction in San Francisco. Event Listing here
  • Come to the Tustin Chili Cookoff, See Us at Obama OC!

    Mmmm, mmm, yummy! Today is the day… FOR THE TUSTIN STREET FAIR AND CHILI COOKOFF! Come to charming Old Town Tustin, eat some delicious chili, and enjoy the live entertainment. Oh yes, and visit our Obama OC booth! We’ll be registering new voters and telling folks about what’s happening locally with Barack Obama’s campaign. Please feel free to drop by and say hi! : )

    So come on over and find us on El Camino Real. And if you have any friends who need to registered to vote, bring them over as well! What better way to make a difference and be a force for positive change on lazy June Sunday than to eat chili and get people ready for the election? : )

    Get Active This Weekend… No Matter Where You Are!

    If you’re in need of some good actions to get involved in this weekend…
    Well, here it is! If you’re looking for progressive action to take ANYWHERE in the state, whether you’re in Santa Clara or Santa Ana, look no further than here! Today, we’ve got Democrats Work working their patooties off in the Bay Area, a chance to write to the powers that be about what’s on our minds in Irvine, and a Beach Impeach event at Torrey Pines Beach in Del Mar.

    Oh yes, and we’ve got EVEN MORE happening tomorrow! Why don’t you join me after the flip to see what’s happening in your neck of the woods…

    Today in the Bay Area:

    Democrats Work in San Francisco– Join these hardworking folks today from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for two opportunities to help green the Mission.

    Democrats Work on the Peninsula– Join these hardworking folks today from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, to assemble classroom kits for public school teachers.

    Iraq Town Hall With Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland)– If you’re in the East Bay, then come and talk to your Congresswoman about legislation to bring the troops home and end the war, efforts to stop a U.S. preemptive strike on Iran, and what YOU can do to end the war and work for peace.

    Today in Orange County:

    Great American Write-in– This free event will feature over forty different advocacy groups. You can learn about vital issues regarding health care, human and civil rights, the environment, education, and peace… AND you will have the opportunity to write to their legislators and other decision makers in the hopes of making this world a better place for all.

    Cesar Chavez Day in Santa Ana– Join local activists in Cesar Chavez Campesino Park for food, fun, entertainment, and speakers on the legacy of Cesar E. Chavez.

    Dennis Kucinich Fundraiser– If you’re supporing Dennis Kucinich for President, and you’re in OC, here’s your chance to meet the candidate and support his run for the White House. He’ll be at the IBEW Local 441 in Orange.

    Today in San Diego:

    Islamophobia: Root Causes and Remedies– Speakers include: Jesse Mills, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of San Diego (USD), and Edgar Hopida, Public Relations Director, San Diego Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

    Mike Aguirre at the Escondido Democratic Club– Come talk to San Diego’s City Attorney today at the Escondido Public Library.

    Hillary Clinton Fundraiser in La Jolla– A very special luncheon for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at the La Jolla home of Ted Waitt.

    Beach Impeach at Torrey PinesHere’s what you can expect this afternoon. Doesn’t it look like fun?

    Tomorrow in Orange County:

    When Women Run for Office– Join La Habra Mayor Pro Tem Rosie Espinosa; Pam Keller, Fullerton City Council; Kitty Jaramillo, Fullerton Council candidate; Florice Hoffman, Congressional candidate 40th District, and more great women candidates for this informative forum on how women can make a difference in public office.

    Environmental Action Group at Tapestry– Find out how you can put your faith into action to be a good steward of God’s creation by joining us in Mission Viejo.

    Greater Newport Beach Bay Democratic Club– Meet your fellow progressive Democrats in Newport Beach and Irvine, and find out how to get active in your area.

    OC Clean Money Campaign– Join the OC Working Group in Garden Grove as they advance clean elections and real election reform.

    Interfaith Peace Ministry Annual Dinner– Join the Interfaith Peace Ministry in Orange for dinner as they honor some of OC’s finest peacemakers.

    Tomorrow in San Diego:

    “Iraq for Sale” Screening– The documentary “Iraq for Sale” will be shown by Current Events Theater. The film features information about Blackwater, a private contractor in Iraq who is proposing a mercenary training camp in Potrero, in East San Diego County.

    Public Forum on the Proposed Blackwater Camp– Public Forum on the proposed Blackwater training Camp near Potrero, featuring Blackwater Execs from D.C. Issue: Should Blackwater take over a portion of the Cleveland National Forest and change its use from agricultural to a 385+ acre paramilitary training camp?

    Get Active This Weekend in OC!

    OK, sorry for the fairly late announcement…
    But here it is! If you’re looking for progressive action to take in Orange County, look no further than here! We’ve got a big rally for peace later this morning in South County, a convention delegates’ meeting in Irvine tomorrow, and even more after the flip…


    OC Peace Coalition General Meeting in Orange at 10:00 AM.

    “Surge Toward Peace” Rally in Laguna Woods at 11:00 AM.

    Screening of “Call Me Malcolm” in Costa Mesa tonight at 7:00 PM

    And tomorrow:

    For everyone who wants to see a heartfelt documentary about the real human cost of war, as well as meet up with other progressive people of faith in South County, then go see “I Know I’m Not Alone” playing at Second Sunday Movies at Tapestry in Mission Viejo at 12:30

    And if you’re an AD 70 (Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport, Lake Forest, Tustin) Delegate going to the state convention in San Diego next month, then you might want to go to this meeting at 1:00 PM at the Irvine Ranch Water District HQ.

    So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, and you want to do something truly meaningful, then look no further than here! And oh yes, I hope that whatever you do, that you enjoy your wild and wonderful OC weekend! : )

    Great events tomorrow! (2/24)

    I wanted to highlight this event for those of you in the Bay Area.  It’s a group of Dems putting all of our good progressive values in action.  Tomorrow, the project is restoration of a playground in the Bayview. Details here.

    If you’re in Santa Cruz, check out this event,a John Edwards community service program.

    San Diego? There are several events:
    Black History Month Presentation with Asm. Karen Bass
    Target Iran presentation
    ACLU Workshop

    Dr. Alicia Portnoy presentation.
    Seal Beach: Senior Patriots Against the War