Dems Get Blamed

The public is looking for someone to blame for what has happened to California.  On the radio and in blogs, and in a few conversations the anger over this budget deal seems increasingly channeled at Democrats.  You see, according to conservatives, instead of making REAL cuts in waste and fraud, these liberals are instead letting murderers out of prison.

Democrats, please don’t let them get away with this.  Make the Republicans own their budget.  Refuse to vote for it until enough Republicans do!

This is a potentially explosive situation.  People are going to be very angry as these cuts hit home.  This is the kind of thing that can build a narrative that sweeps an election — like the one that brought us Schwarzenegger.

It is important that you serve the public, and old people need their oxygen tanks.  So you need to get the state functioning again.  But the blame game is just as important because it could sweep these idiots and wingnuts into complete control of the state if the anger is channeled against you.  So it is also responsible of you to be aware of the blame game.

Make the Republicans vote for this budget.  When the vote comes just wait.  Tell the press that you are waiting for the Republican votes and then you will also vote.