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PRESS RELEASE – July 27, 2010



El Cajon, Calif. –

“Hunter wants to stop the debate, but he knows he can’t pass his gag order — he’s just playing partisan politics to get in the news,” said Ray Lutz, the Democratic challenger to California’s 52nd Congressional Seat. “I say let the courts chew on Arizona’s SB-1070 law and decide once and for all if it is unconstitutional. What’s the harm in that?”  

Lutz, 52, spoke in rebuttal to recent statements by Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, who this week introduced a bill into the U.S. House designed to block the department of justice from prosecuting its case against the State of Arizona for passing a law mandating all persons to carry immigration documents.

“Congressman Hunter’s support of this Arizona-type of immigration control amounts to a type of Produce Tax,” said Lutz. “If we had this kind of law affecting California’s central valley, ag labor costs would shoot through the moon – and the cost for each family to put food on the table would increase considerably.”

Lutz said Hunter’s bill aims to force the DOJ to cut Criminal Alien Assistance funds (SCAAP) from counties, such as San Diego, where law enforcement doesn’t demand immigration paperwork in every encounter with suspected immigrants. Last year, San Diego County received nearly $3 million in SCAAP funding for much-needed alien detention reimbursement, which could be in jeopardy if Hunter’s bill ever became law. The bill is seen to have very little chance of passing, however, as only five items of Hunter-sponsored legislation have ever become law – most of which were ceremonial, nothing more.

In previous statements, Hunter’s anti-immigrant stance has taken him beyond simply endorsing Arizona’s unconstitutional law. In April, The Congressman received heavy criticism for saying he would favor deporting “natural born American citizens that are children of illegal immigrants,” because the country couldn’t “afford” to continue current practices.

“Disrepecting birthright citizenship flouts the 14th amendment to our constitution, and suggests we should revisit the civil liberties gained after the Civil War” said Lutz. “This guy is representing us and he can’t even respect the bill of rights. Which right will he go after next?”

Ray Lutz for Congress is hosting a public fundraising party in the Gaslamp District this upcoming Friday, July 30, between 4-7pm at the Tequila 100 Bar & Grill.

Ray Lutz for Congress can be reached at: 619.447.3246

Duncan Hunter (Jr.) Thinks America’s Military is Less Professional than Most of our NATO Allies

Duncan Hunter’s apple does not fall far from the tree. His son, the aptly named Junior, aims to continue his legacy of inanity and outlandish statements. With that, I give you Junior’s latest tirade:

Interviewer: You are not in favor of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Why not?

   Rep. Duncan Hunter: No, because I think that it’s bad for the cohesiveness and the unity of the military units. And, especially for those in close combat — in close quarters — in country right now. It’s not the time to do it. I think the military is not civilian life. I think the folks who have been in the military, that have been in those very close situations with each other — there has to be a special bond there. I think that bond is broken if you open up the military to transgenders; to hermaphrodites; to gays and lesbians.

   Interviewer: Transgenders and hermaphrodites.

   Rep. Duncan Hunter: That’s going to be part of this whole thing. It’s not just gays and lesbians, it’s the whole gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community. If you’re going to let anybody in, no matter what preference — what sexual preference — they have, that means the military is going to probably let everybody in. It’s going to be like civilian life. And, I think that would be detrimental for the military. (Pam’s House Blend

First, I would point out that hermaphrodites are people who are born into the world as they are. Even the right wing arguments against the LGBT community, that it’s some sort of choice, carry no weight whatsoever against those who were born with non-standard genitalia. Perhaps Duncan should read one of the biggest bestsellers of our time, Jeffry Eugenides Middlesex.

Yet the bigger question is what does this say about Duncan Hunter, Jr, and what does it say about what he thinks about the military.  Gays and lesbians have been serving, closted, for years. Order has not disappeared, the ranks haven’t descended into chaos.  In Europe, militaries have integrated gays and lesbians a long time ago. Yet, somehow, the American military can’t handle that?

I think these comments say far more about Duncan Hunter and his perceptions of the military than anything about gays and lesbians in the military.

UPDATED with the audio from media matters.

URGENT: Afghanistan_HR3699 needs your help

Rep. Barbara Lee [D-CA9], proved she has a backbone when in 2001 she stood up against war and became the only member of congress to vote “No” on the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF), and she was oh so right.

Now, Barbara has again taken the lead in trying to stop the insane decision to expand and escalate the war in Afghanistan. Her bill, H.R. 3699 “To prohibit any increase in the number of members of the United States Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan,” has been referred to the House Armed Services Committee. Link: http://www.govtrack.us/congres…  


Yvette Clarke [D-NY11]  Emanuel Cleaver [D-MO5]   Steve Cohen [D-TN9]

John Conyers [D-MI14]   Donna Edwards [D-MD4]     Keith Ellison [D-MN5]

Bob Filner [D-CA51]  Alan Grayson [D-FL8]  Raul Grijalva [D-AZ7]

Maurice Hinchey [D-NY22]  Michael Honda [D-CA15]  Sheila Jackson-Lee [D-TX18] Dennis Kucinich [D-OH10]  John Lewis [D-GA5]      James McDermott [D-WA7]

James McGovern [D-MA3]    Jerrold Nadler [D-NY8]  Fortney Stark [D-CA13] Edolphus Towns [D-NY10]  Nydia Velázquez [D-NY12]Maxine Waters [D-CA35]

Diane Watson [D-CA33]    Lynn Woolsey [D-CA6]

As you can see, MOST of our 53 California representatives have NOT signed onto the bill. No Waxman. No Berman. No Sherman. No Schiff. Just those heroes in bold above are on this short list. CONTACT your representative to ask that they co-sponsor and support this important legislation to take back the war powers as in our constitution. And thank those who have signed on.

Here’s the link to the committee: http://www.govtrack.us/congres…  The Democratic Chair is Rep. Ike Skelton [D-MO4] with the ranking Republican member Rep. Howard McKeon [R-CA25] (Santa Clarita and east), Rep. Duncan Hunter [R-CA52], and the TWO DEMOCRATS from CA:

Rep. Susan Davis [D-CA53] (San Diego) and Rep. Loretta Sanchez [D-CA47] (Garden Grove-Santa Ana).

Please CONTACT these people on the committee right away and ask that this bill be brought to a vote immediately. With the impending announcement coming from Obama, there is no time to lose.////

Thursday Open Thread

Links?  I’ll show you some links!

• The latest Don Perata story concerned money he took from his own ballot campaign account into his legal defense fund.  He’s entitled to do that for the time being, but the Fair Political Practices Commission is considering new rules to strengthen the campaign finance laws around these kinds of accounts.  I think “abolished” might be a good way to go for these slush funds.

• Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has a pretty cool tribute to Martin Luther King on his website today, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.  Eight elected officials in LA County answer the question, “What is the significance of this year’s Martin Luther King Day to you?”

• New Rep. Duncan Hunter, following in the legacy of his father, is whining about potential Guantanamo detainees behind held temporarily at Camp Pendleton.  He claims their presence would “distract” the Marines there.  Considering these detainees have been held in what amounts to a concentration camp and tortured, I think “distraction” is but a small price to pay.

• On yesterday’s SCHIP vote, which passed resoundingly in the House, Hunter joined most California Republicans in voting against medical care for children.  Only Mary Bono Mack defied her Republican counterparts.

• The CBP blog thinks we should look at enterprise zone programs as a good place to start cutting the budget.  A new study by the PPIC claims they are completely ineffective.  I’m all for eliminating useless tax breaks.

• There is a Los Angeles municipal election on March 3, and the only race worth following is a crowded contest for Jack Weiss’ old city council seat.  Six candidates (including progressive former Assemblyman Paul Koretz) all raised roughly the same amount of money in the last quarter.

• This is a pretty big ruling for environmentalists, as an Australian firm has bowed to pressure and scrapped their plans for an LNG terminal off of Santa Monica Bay.

• And then there’s the story about the California man who tried to sell his 14 year-old daughter into marriage for cash, beer and meat, and then attempted to have the groom arrested when he wouldn’t pay up.  Hey, I didn’t know that the dowry was back in fashion!

CA-52: Like Father, Like Son

First, it was Duncan Hunter Sr. who would always refuse to debate. He was the incumbent Republican, in a very red district, so in a way that makes sense. But now his son is doing it too. Only his son isn’t an incumbent, though he’s trying to run like one. First, it was a debate hosted by the East County League of Women Voters, next, it was a debate on a conservative radio show, hosted by Rick Amato. Little Duncan Jr. apparently is terrified of facing off with his opponent, Commander Mike Lumpkin. This tactic of avoiding debates is undemocratic, and insult to the voters of the 52nd district. We deserve to hear from the candidates themselves.

It’s a pattern, and an unfortunate one, of behaving exactly as his father does.

Next on the list is his campaign contributions, the names of his top contributors bare a startling resemblance to those who’ve received earmarks from his father, daddy Duncan calling in favors for his heir? Junior has previously defended the importance of earmarks, by claiming that it’s the only way the Pentagon gets funding. A remarkably stupid statement, particularly given that he himself is a Marine Reservist, he should know better. Then again, he’s a Hunter, so “How government works,” along with integrity and decency, are concepts lost on him.

Judge someone by the company they keep? Perhaps we can. Little Duncan seems to be best buds with the Minutemen, endorsed by them, received money from their PAC, he even spent 4th of July palling around with those ludicrous vigilantes. His father was obsessed with “Border security” as well.

The earmarks and the Minutemen ties would be one thing, if he was at least willing to face his opponent in a debate, giving the voters the opportunity to get to know the both of them. But he isn’t. He wants the seat handed to him, thinks it’s his inheritance, and is generally behaving like a petty, spoiled brat.

Mike Lumpkin of course, put it far more diplomatically:

“Duncan Hunter Junior expects to inherit his father’s congressional seat and not work hard by showing voters what he’s made of in a broadcast debate,” says Commander Lumpkin. “But being a member of Congress is a job-not an entitlement. In a debate he can’t ask his father what to say; he has to be his own man and stand on his own two feet.”

Mike Lumpkin’s website

Mike’s ActBlue page

Bilbray Sighting in San Diego

Brian Bilbray was spotted in San Diego yesterday holding a joint press conference with Rep. Duncan Hunter. Of course, it wasn’t actually in Bilbray’s district- he avoid his home district like the plague, refusing to even enter the district to campaign. So while Nick Leibham gears up to strike a symbolic blow tomorrow against Big Oil price gouging, Rep. Bilbray took a break from voting against insisting that oil companies drill in the land they’ve been given before they get more and against drilling responsibly. A bit ironic perhaps since his Congressional website touts right at the top that Bilbray is “working to reduce gas prices.” Right. Work paid for by Big Oil.

So he came all the way back to San Diego and didn’t go to his district. Why? So that he could burnish his fake-environmentalist credentials by…celebrating the destruction of local wetlands. Now this might be a bit confusing if you’ve been receiving any of Bilbray’s official franking mail recently, because they claim he’s “keeping our beaches and water clean.” Except of course that he’s not. It’s convenient though- he can send these barely-legal and completely dishonest mail pieces from DC so he never has to go to the district and face the voters, then he can come to San Diego and claim he’s been to town even though his event isn’t in the district and directly contradicts his mailers, and then he can go back to DC hoping that everyone noticed a little bit but not too much. Because it probably wouldn’t be too good for him if people looked very closely at him or his voting record.  

Newsweek’s Ruckus Asks: “What would be the boldest vice presidential choices?”

For the last few months, Calitics has been part of the Ruckus Blog on Newsweek. This week we’re starting a question feature. The question this week asks who would be a bold pick for John McCain and Barack Obama as VP candidates. This being a California blog, I have some answers for that question.  I’m not going to say these would be good picks, but they will be bold.  McCain: Duncan “wildebeest” Hunter.  Barack Obama: Barbara Boxer.

Duncan Hunter: Let’s look at Duncan Hunter first. He’s a longtime congressman and first time presidential candidate this cycle.  The man is clearly insane, so much so that he wants to feed the Darfur refugees with wildebeest that he shoots himself.  And that’s not all. He wants to turn Santa Rosa Island into a hunting park for, well, anybody that carries enough political clout for him to get through. He tried veterans, then moved to disabled veterans. I’m pretty sure he’ll next say that Santa Rosa Island should be a wildebeest hunting refuge for the Darfur refugees next. Or something like that.

Hunter is a conservative’s conservative. He won’t help you carry California, but he will bring the NRA and a whole slew of gun enthusiasts to your side. He won’t bring the votes of military families that have been torn apart by the foolish war in Iraq, but he will bring you Pentagon contractors.  He’s real tight with them.  This is a certainly a bold pick.

Duncan Hunter: Conservative, Gun-toting, and Completely Insane. Now, that’s Bold.

Barbara Boxer: On the more serious side, Barbara Boxer would be a phenomenal choice to take the lower line of the Democratic ticket. She is enormously popular with the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party (meaning us liberals), and would create an historic ticket. While I’m not sure that Boxer would make up for a Clinton loss, the Obama/Boxer ticket would break boundaries that should have been broken long ago.

Boxer has been fighting for California in the Senate since 1990 and has truly done a phenomenal job. Her leadership regarding climate change has been overshadowed by Al Gore, but has been critical to whatever movement there has been on the issue. She opposed the Iraq War, reinforcing Obama’s position.

She’s not on the short list, likely because she would be seen as “too liberal” or due to the fact that she’s from California, a state where Obama leads by 24 points.  That’s a shame. Yet, Boxer would be a truly visionary selection to usher in a new governance that could build a progressive majority for years to come.

CA-52: Like Father, Like Son

The real question here is whether these military contractors think they’re contributing to the same Duncan Hunter or not.

Records show connections between companies Rep. Hunter has worked with and some individuals who are contributing to his son’s campaign.

Rep. Hunter added language to the 2008 Defense Appropriations bill awarding $19 million to L-3 Communications, which has an office in San Diego, for the development and testing of a missile system, according to data compiled by Taxpayers for Common Sense. Executives from that company contributed $2,750 to Duncan D. Hunter’s campaign.

Rep. Hunter also earmarked San Diego-based Trex Enterprises Corp. $1.5 million for the development of a device that will help helicopter pilots navigate with limited visibility. Campaign finance records show Trex employees, including a scientist, donated $4,800 to Duncan D. Hunter’s campaign.

Lobbyists working for the companies have also supported Hunter’s campaign. Patrick McSwain and Frank Collins, who were listed as principals at the lobbying firm Northpoint Strategies, collectively donated $2,500. Northpoint worked on behalf of L-3. McSwain and Collins were both former [Rep. Duke] Cunningham chiefs of staff.

You know, why wouldn’t they?  Hunter was a reliable champion for whatever boondoggle weapons system these contractors thought up, even planes that can’t fly.  There’s no reason to believe that his son won’t act the same way.

Calitics has endorsed Democrat Mike Lumpkin in this seat.

It’s Now.

This afternoon, Chris Bowers has an excellent piece: Once In A Generation Is Now.  It argues that this election is the opportunity to go all in and make dramatic changes throughout this country.  This is our chance to change the tone of discourse.  This is our chance to break the GOP machine.  And most importantly, this is our chance to get a strong progressive majority to DC that can pass legislation that’s been waiting for 30 or more years.  Now.

So I can’t help but look around California for signs that all the chips are being pushed to the center.  Dave noted earlier that there could, on the outer edge, as many as nine California seats in play this year, and certainly recent Democratic successes in Illinois, Louisiana and Mississippi suggest that the ability to win anywhere is now a reality.

While every district is unique, projections are rough at best, and anything can happen between now and November, the odds are slim of there being a better time to go for broke in the forseeable future.  So I look around California and I see that between the 34 Democratic incumbents in California’s congressional delegation, there’s more than $14.6 million cash on hand.  Out of those 34, only one (Jerry McNerney) is facing a serious challenge, freeing up a great deal of time and money to invest in races around the state.

In CA-04, Republican contenders Tom McClintock and Doug Ose are spending millions to destroy each other while Charlie Brown keeps gunning for nearly-departed Rep. Doolittle’s seat.  David Dreier’s 26th district is ripe for the picking, but his $1.8+ million in the bank is a challenge. In the 46th, Crazy Dana Rohrabacher finally has a serious challenger in a dangerous year to be Republican, but it takes money to drive home just how destructive his craziness is. In eastern San Diego, Duncan Hunter is vacating an otherwise strong Republican seat, but an open seat in a year that the Republican brand is collapsing provides an opportunity to prevent 30 more years of the same in the form of Dunc Jr.

These are just a few examples- not offered up necessarily as the best or the most deserving.  Our representatives have a singular opportunity this year to translate the success of a 50-state-strategy mentality into major systemic changes in California if they (and we) are willing to focus more resources inside the state.  By no means am I suggesting that I want to see our Representatives contribute themselves broke (rainy days will come).  Nor am I suggesting that they all necessarily need to be writing huge checks (they don’t all have the ability). And I’m not accusing anyone of being stingy (some generous and prolific fundraisers represent California). But the conventional wisdom that districts in California can’t flip belongs in the scrap heap. Jim Webb couldn’t win and now he’s a Senator. Nancy Boyda, Carol Shea-Porter, Jerry McNerney couldn’t win. Now they’re enjoying their new DC offices. And as Dave’s post reinforced earlier, districts in California can change.

California isn’t immune to the fundamental shift happening throughout the country. Heck, marriage equality is now supported by a majority of Californians.  I’ve watched with great pride over past election cycles as California’s representatives have time and again stepped up to help the national party in all its forms stay competitive. But once in a generation is NOW. We can change the country, but we needn’t leave the state behind.  With the June 3 primary now less than a week away, it’s a good time to remember that anyone can max out contributions once for the primary and again for the general election. Doubling the impact you have come November.  I don’t really care who it is (I have my favorites, but that’s for me), as long as we remember that California is full of races we can win.

But beyond this week, this is an issue that carries all the way through to November.  DCCC head Chris Van Hollen sees 50 Republican seats in play already, a number that may very well be an understatement.  Plenty more can enter the field with some work, but only if we seize on this unique opportunity and press the advantage everywhere. It isn’t going to be all about money, but it’s definitely partly about money and $14.6 million is a whole lot of money. This can be a year that changes California if we commit to the funding as well as the time and energy, so I hope going forward that our Congressional leaders will help set the tone for all Californians by supporting the many viable challengers throughout the state.

Mike Lumpkin Rejects Extremists’ Wedge Issue on Same Sex Marriage

(An interesting tack to take in the 52nd district – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

Mike Lumpkin, retired Navy SEAL and candidate for the 52nd Congressional District, released the following press release this morning regarding yesterday’s California Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage.

Yesterday the California Supreme Court overturned a voter-approved ban on gay marriage igniting a storm of divisive partisan reaction across the nation. Retired Navy SEAL Commander and 52nd Congressional District Candidate, Mike Lumpkin, sees the decision and subsequent reaction as an unfortunate yet expected diversion. “Election after election extremists drive this emotionally polarizing issue and marginalize the concerns of everyday Americans,” said Lumpkin.  

The foundation of Commander Lumpkin’s campaign comes from the pro-American creed he lived by for 21 years as a Navy SEAL, “In the military there is no ‘right’ or ‘left’ there is only right or wrong for America.” Lumpkin believes divisive politics are the reason America has gotten so far off track and he is committed to solving issues that transcend extreme politics. “Americans understand the urgency of working together; our deficit is spiraling out of control, we are outsourcing jobs, military families face extended deployments, the border is not secure, and Social Security is in trouble. Americans are smart, patriotic folks and we want our country back. We have too much at stake to let perennial wedge agendas hijack our national discussion,” said Lumpkin. “Same-sex marriage is a states’ rights issue and today’s decision is not surprising given California’s constitution. If the decision is contrary to the will of the majority then Californian’s must change our state’s constitution.”

Congressional candidate Duncan Hunter Jr. responded by saying “Families are under assault by out of control liberal judges.” However, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Log Cabin Republican President Patrick Sammon’s support for the decision underscores the fact that same-sex marriage is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue.

“Extremists have some harsh realities to face; this ruling is not the product of a liberal court. Three of the four justices who made the decision were Republican appointees,” said Lumpkin’s campaign manager, Chris Young. “The people who used gay-marriage as a wedge issue to get into office controlled the House, the Senate, the Whitehouse, and had a 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court for six years. If senior Congressmen like Duncan Hunter were committed to an anti-gay marriage amendment and they didn’t get the job done, they were incompetent or insincere. Either way, the American people deserve better,” said Young.

Commander Mike Lumpkin served 21 years in the U.S. Navy including eight operational tours as a Navy SEAL on continents across the world. He received over 40 commendations and awards during his service. He was Deputy Commander of Joint Special Operations Task Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has served as the officer in charge of all west coast SEAL teams, managing over 2000 military and civilian personnel with budgets over $300 million. In addition, Commander Lumpkin served as the liason to Congress for the US Special Operations Command. He was born and raised in Vista. Commander Lumpkin and his wife Jill have one son and two beautiful granddaughters. They reside in Jamul.